X-Ray Beam Collimator

flickr: nuzz

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    I need one of these, mostly because i want to build my own x-ray machine.


    if it’s made by shimadzu, you can trust it


    i found some xray machine parts in the electronics recycling bin by my house recently. it was the swivel arm thingy with four big, short cylinders on it with some kinda black glass over em. anybody know if thats the part that zaps your nads cuz ill go git em.

    tiki god

    I’d be careful with that type of thing, I used to work for a radiation oncologist that would tell us horror stories of people taking radioactive samples with them when they left offices and then dumping them later on.

    if you start to feel ill, immediately speak to a doctor and let them know that you have radioactive materials in your pants.


    If it’s from an radiotherapy machine, then the material could become radioactive, but only for a few minutes to a few hours at the most (depending on the material). If it’s from a diagnostic x-ray machine then there’s nothing to worry about. Also, that’s not the part that zaps your nads.


    UPDATE: I went and got them, and they were heavy, and I dropped them back into the bin and they broke 🙂


    Go and get the parts, but only if they feel warm!