James O’Barr The Crow

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I really need to read the original graphic novel.

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    Looking good. I have to read it also, after finishing Watchmen.


    Great stuff


    Really good read. Much better and more gripping than the movie. Check it out if you can find a copy…


    He does signings in Dallas, I think he might live near here.

    I think this is in my head, but every time I see him, he seems sad. I hope its in my head, brilliant guy.


    Maybe I need to read it again, but I didn’t find it to be all that awesome.


    I found a copy in a half price books in Dallas last summer. I gave the copy to my mother because she loves the crow and we both agree that the graphic novel is way better than the movie, though the movie is still pretty bad ass.


    it is a good read, just don’t expect the movie. I can’t hate the movie for not following the book- Micheal Winncott is one of my fave unknown actors.


    He just might be sad the whole comic was him working through grief. Grief stays with some people their whole life.

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