Chopins grave and a death cat

P1070489.JPG (550 KB)

P1070494.JPG (721 KB)

P1070515.JPG (736 KB)

Pictures I took at Père Lachaise of Chopins grave and a death cat nearby. Theres actually lots of cats there, seems creepy somehow.

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    The first photo is just plain epic. For some reason I thought you took your cat with you and placed it there, at first. How lucky can one be.


    Very cool. Now that I think about it, there’s always cats (sometimes dogs also) at cemeteries; strays or feral I assume.


    LOts of cats live in Pere Lachaise. Old people come by every day and leave food at various mausoleums. There are several places throughout Paris where unwanted cats are left, the city also makes sure they are fed.


    OK WTF!?
    I was there on the 30th and that cat was in the same location!
    What’s going on!? I have practically the same photo.
    There was someone there taking a photo as well
    The date here must be wrong surely the cat doesn’t always go there
    Did two my[confined]space users cross paths unknowingly!???

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