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    He was an extremely handsome boy.



    r.i.p., al


    fap fap fap fap


    Check out that pose in the first picture. Li’l Einstein was going to be a pimp when he grew up.


    I saw a picture where he looked like Shia Lebouf or however you spell it. I lost a little respect for Albert that day…


    I was watching a program about his theory of relativity on Sunday. It was pretty fucking cool, even though I only caught about a third of it. That part of it was talking about the astronomers that went to prove his theory, and how they initially were prepared to say it was false. I really enjoyed it.

    tiki god

    please be aware that what you just described is exactly how science works. it’s like this. I say something like “this is my hypothesis”, then you say bullshit and try to disprove me. when you can’t disprove me, then we have a “theory” that everyone tries to disprove, and when it holds up, people start using the theory in their own science. then one day, 200 years down the road and with some new data that wasn’t originally available, someone looks at the theory and says, hey, there’s something fundamentally wrong here, lemme tweak this here and there and you… Read more »