Nice City

famous-buildings-statue-of-liberty-twin-towers-lea1.jpg (187 KB)

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    fracked again

    Las Vegas circa 2100?


    i’d say Dubai

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I think that’s how Dubai was supposed to end up.

    It got about 20% of the way there from the looks of the picture. Now its a shit pile.

    tiki god

    god damn people. learn to educated yourself.

    from what I see, that’s just a hodgepodge of all the current iconic buildings in the world, including:

    The Statue of Liberty
    Big Ben
    Eifel Tower
    The United Arab Emirates DuBai building
    the leaning tower of pisa
    the empire state building
    the great piramids
    a few joined towers, and it even looks like they have the freedom tower mock up on the right hand side.



    tiki once you pull back the curtain it’s obvious. sorta.

    before you said that i saw the sailboat building from dubai and thought to my racist self “fucking douchebags can’t pay their bills anymore and still won’t sell us more oil so that the price of gas will go down.”


    Looks like the World City that forms at the end of Alan Moore’s Promethea.