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The true identity of Batman? Na.

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    There’s something wrong w/ him.


    Sigh…if only.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    huh? Is Batman a libertarian? Does Ron Paul fight crime? The Joker would actually be closer to Ron Paul’s ideology, what with bringing down the establishment regardless of the consequences.

    fracked again

    What a huge hypocrite. Pork is bad, so I’ll bring as much home to my district as I can, but offer a token vote against it. I’ll tell everybody to buy gold because the US currency enriches bad people, but not mention that buying gold makes my personal stock of gold to increase in value.


    Good guess but no cigar.

    Ron Paul (Texas) is a huge part of the establishment that brought down and what is wrong today with Gotham. He’s not the solution, he and his ilk are a large part of the problem … no, guess again.

    Libertarian? Yeah, right … he’s a f**king Repug since 1976 … like anyone in Texas could possibly get elected otherwise. He’s a follower not a leader.


    For a secong there I thought it was Magneto.