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    This is all sorts of awesome. Based on this it really seems like the baby boomers are the best generation, except for the homosexuals section but I don’t know how accurate it is.


    I’m kinda partial to the Greatest Generation myself. Though people from Seattle are pretty awesome for music.


    About the Greatest Generation I like only work at one company until you retire, Douchebags drive German Panzer tanks, and Frank Sinatra. The rest is too extreme.


    I guess it’s the same for me. It’s just I dislike more for the others hahaha.


    For the Greatest Generation, they forgot about the Great Depression. It defined how they thought about money, gov’t, banking and well, everything.


    The “You’re in the 7th grade and you haven’t done anal yet” seriously made me lol

    fracked again

    Incredibly accurate!



    Until the 70s homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. Since we still treat severe mental diseases (today) with electroshock therapy; I have no real reason to doubt it.

    I do know that electroshock therapy works for some patients. I do not know why. Nor the the Doctor treating the PT I observed getting the therapy. It is not like in the movies, they are heavily medicated, and don’t shake or feel anything.


    That’s pretty interesting actually. I never really thought about it though I didn’t think it was like in the films. I don’t think I have ever seen a electroshock scene that wasn’t obviously exaggerated. Also I know that homosexuality was considered a mental disorder but I didn’t know how much the people really cared. The statement about it for the Baby Boomers generation is quite vague, I thought maybe it was true only for certain age groups. I questioned this because I was trying to calculate which era I would have liked best. Usually I say I wish I had… Read more »


    homosexuality IS a mental dosorder and they should still be giving mandatory treatment to it and all other disorders.

    nice how the guy didnt include rap/hiphop on the music list here,….shows he knows that shit ISNT music


    Kommissar, you aren’t music. You aren’t music very much and most of the time. You should work on that.