Frédéric Chopin

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great composer, or greatest composer?

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    How about just, grand composer? Personally I’m a Brahms girl but even I know there’s just too many to narrow it down like that. I mean I know they’re all dead but it’s still painful.


    That came out all wrong. I’m not a necrophiliac. Well ok maybe I am, platonically.


    show me a hot composer (or a not ugly one) and i will listen to his music.


    I’d go with Rockmaninov (sp?)


    He is *the* greatest composer! This is my favorite picture of him (taken a few months before his death). This man had one foot in the grave his whole life, and yet he managed to revolutionize the classical forms of composition, while inventing new forms for the Romantic era. His works are some of the most technically challenging of all known works for the piano, and yet they all have gorgeous melodies and minimal repetition, since he hated repetition and always managed to squeeze in some variations on his main theme. His Ballade in G Minor always moves me to… Read more »


    you know…Frederic Fucking Chopin?


    Prolly my favorite Val Kilmer role.


    I visited his grave site at Père Lachaise when I was in Paris. Far easier to find, larger, better taken care of and nicer then Morrisons.


    Amazing composer. I love waltzes, and I love the keys of D and E


    Looks like a cross between Christopher Walken and Anton Chigurh.


    Danny Elfman is the greatest composer, followed by John Williams.

    So says my adolescence.


    As far as piano goes, Chopin is likely my favorite. I’m actually in the process of rediscovering his works as we speak, I’m working on a few his of Preludes and Nocturnes right now. Amazing stuff.

    Orchestrally however, I’m very in to Shostakovitch and Stravinsky…but that’s a whole other realm.

    Then on occasion, I’ll go back and listen to some good old Beethoven. Pure pissed off, arrogant dick-swinging….yet it’s so perfect sometimes…


    I didn’t know Severus Snape was a composer. Considering how misunderstood he was, it’s not surprising he had hidden talents.