Yamato explosion

Yamato_battleship_explosion.jpg (34 KB)

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    Clamato implosion


    Although I am not sad by looking at this picture is does strike me at how destructive war can be. Imagine how many people lost thier lives in the photo.

    Maxwell Edison

    But at the same time, if they hadn’t blown such a big hole in it, they never would have been able to install the wave motion gun.

    Moddy Cassem

    Think what could have been done with the resources used to build that weapon.


    Japanese warship Yamato. The biggest (and most useless) battleship ever created.


    I thought that was the Bismark, but you may be right; I don’t recall enough about either ship though, nerdly, I can tell you a lot about the Space Battleship Yamato.


    It had a few feet and a couple tons on the Bismarck I believe.


    15 feet and 25,000 tonnes, approximately. Gawd, I look forward to finishing my 1:96 Yamato model with CO2 cannons.


    OH GOOD!

    Tell me if I should bother watching any of these films, currently available streaming on Netflix:

    Space Battleship Yamato: The Movie (1974)
    Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato: In the Name of Love (1978)(not streaming, only on DVD rental)
    Be Forever Yamato (1980)
    Final Yamato (1983)
    Space Battleship Yamato: The New Voyage (2003)

    I would greatly appreciate it.


    I’ve only actually watched the first two series; the original and the Comet Empire. Never got beyond that. Have wanted to watch the others myself.

    FWIW, I’ve always thought the original germ of an idea would be an excellent Sci-Fi (whoops, SyFy) Channel series, kind of a replacement series for GALACTICA. I hear, however, a live action film is in the works.


    Let me put this way: Babylon 5 is the best sci-fi series ever, Starblazers is the best sci-fi cartoon ever.