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goddam that’s a bad way to hold a knife


Goddam that’s a bad way to run a country


Hasn’t airport security eliminated this problem yet?


It`s not the knives,it`s the Chavs.


Are knives a huge problem? Guns kill at long range. Guns kill many at a time. Knives are close in, not really good for mass murder. So why knives?


True, but once they banned handguns, Britain’s equivalent of my American buddies who own firearms, “to protect my home and family!” (your mileage may very on how much of that is really the inflated self esteem of pretending that you are badass) all went out and got tactical combat knives with semi-assist spring loading or whatever is legal there, and think they are going to protect themselves from the thieves who are also so hamstrung. The problem is, knife fights ARE (as you mentioned) close in, and also quick, confusing, and difficult to predict (A guy draws his gun and… Read more »


Wow, I would have thought the martial arts would have worked… I mean, that’s what its used for. Sorry to hear, man.


It’s unfortunate that Britain has run out of weapons to ban, yet still has pretty heinous crime rates. I can’t wait til they start banning cars because they’re used to run people over.


Basically if you get caught with a gun your quite literally getting a 3 year sentence, not exaggerating. A knife however you probably wont even get a sentence – so you carry a knife not a gun. Then you get the fact people assume a stab/slash is a lot safer than a gun shot, so people are more willing to “pull the trigger” with a knife. So anyone who expects a fight a week will have a knife, we started to realise we have to start treating knives nearly as harshly as guns to get people to stop carrying them.… Read more »


How am I going to eat steak??


Yet another reason to never EVER go to the UK. I never leave home without my knife. I am also very happy to own an array of firearms.


and I’m sure you’re happy to pretend that you are badass.


Dude, what. I can’t even tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. Unless you live somewhere in a jungle your actual problem is called paranoia.

This whole knife business may be retarded but there are loads of people who survive in the UK just fine without carrying knives when they leave their houses. Or gravy spoons. Or bazookas.


Loads of people? What good odds! I have a good chance of not getting knifed today! We are all better off not trying to protect ourselves!

Yes, I am a (legal) gun carrying American. I don’t own an arsenal, and I’m not crazy or badass. I am just serious about protecting my family.


How about you don’t blame me for what other people said. I don’t have anything against people being allowed to own weapons. So when was the last time you survived only because you were carrying a knife. In England people tend to get hurt because of this kind of stuff mostly because they are in gangs, because they deliberately put themselves in dangerous situations. Just because some countries have stricter laws that you don’t agree with doesn’t mean you should tell people not to go there. That’s essentially what I was referring to. You’re not crazy or badass but you… Read more »


Don’t get so defensive, I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings.

I agree that some people are stupid and put themselves in bad situations, which is the exact reason normal people should learn to protect themselves.

I disagree with England’s anti firearm policy, but I’ve at least visited. I found it to be cold and damp, but quite beautiful and I would love to go back someday when I have time.

“An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.”


You didn’t, I just don’t like it when people make assumptions like that. Personally I don’t intend on ever owning any weapons, the only protection I have is my education and it worked fine so far. The only people I have heard of who got into trouble were always people who were troubled in the first place, if anything I would like to focus on creating a more educated and positive society. I know that the “the more guns the more crime” argument is flawed, there are enough prime examples such as Switzerland that prove it wrong. However there are… Read more »


Ideals are great, ideal even, but not practical. Human nature is a sick and twisted thing that (in some cases) can’t be controlled without fear of consequences. The potential of getting shot by the person you’re trying to mug is a huge deterrent.

Japan has an artificially low reported crime rate. My girlfriend (born and raised in Tokyo) has clued me in to what is actually going on there. There are people who go on killing sprees, rampant sexual deviancy, the yakuza drug trafficking and killing, etc. People who are caught often don’t live long enough to get tried.


Human nature is a sick and twisted thing? I would say it’s curious that you come across these kind of people mostly where there is poverty and a lack of education, don’t you think. Japan has those problems as well, but again this is in areas where there is a lot of poverty and the Yakuza are only dangerous for the people who deliberately get involved with them. There are many countries who have low crime rates despite having strict gun laws, there’s no use in pointing these things out that are only true for a fraction of Japan, my… Read more »


I’m not saying that a healthy educated person would necessarily want to go on a killing spree. On second thought, how do you explain Ted Bundy? Educated, reasonably good looking, healthy (not mentally). Unless we can create a Utopian society where everyone is on board and level headed, I firmly believe that we’ll still have crime (and I don’t believe in Utopia). Do you think that no member of Yakuza has ever mugged an “innocent” person? Poverty is a factor in crime. I think that oppressive governments who legislate and tax their citizens to death are part of the problem.… Read more »


I didn’t know who Ted Bundy is so I had to read up and his childhood sounds anything but normal. Nobody is immune to mental illnesses but what Ted Bundy did is just not a common thing. And I obviously meant people who are physically and mentally healthy. It doesn’t have to be a utopian society, I’m not saying it’s possible that there is no crime but all those people who waste so much time debating whether guns should be required or not never seem to show much interest in bettering the society they live in. They just want to… Read more »


I don’t know if you’ll even notice this, it’s been a couple of days. I’ve been a bit busy. Merry Christmas! Check out: shock.military.com/Shock/videos.do?displayContent=207296&page=2 The Swiss have one of the lowest crime rates anywhere, and they’re all armed. The only society where you can be reasonably assured your life and freedom is one in which you can readily defend yourself. The fact that there are people out there like Ted Bundy, /and/ the influences in his childhood, is a strong argument for personal protection. I can make the argument that many who commit crimes are mentally ill. You must not… Read more »


Merry Christmas to you too. About Switzerland, Switzerland hasn’t engaged in any wars like most of the rest of the world, it’s a democratic country with a very liberal government, same sex marriage is legal etc. etc. Do you understand what I am getting at? It’s the quality of life that makes the difference, not how many guns you are allowed to own. If you really want to get down to it why aren’t you a little more honest and also name countries like: Chad, Sudan, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Liberia, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Peru and so on. Guns… Read more »


“A health reform was very much needed, if it works for the majority of Europe why shouldn’t it work for the US. Besides the people wanted it. After 8 years of the Bush administration I think it was time to at least try a different approach.” If I wanted to have Europe’s health care system, I’d move to Europe (or Canada, eh). It’s not Bush’s system anyway, it started long before he became President. I didn’t say it didn’t need fixing; it does need fixing, but the problem is tort and greed, not the lack of universal healthcare. Who cares… Read more »


“Who cares if the Swiss are liberal?” Doesn’t it strike you as odd that Switzerland which is very liberal is doing well even if guns are legal where as those other countries that are anything but liberal are not doing well even if guns are legal there as well. “If I wanted to have Europe’s health care system, I’d move to Europe” Then why don’t you move to Switzerland if you like their gun laws. “but you’re missing my point that guns are necessary to keep the government’s power in check” Ah so now it’s to keep the government in… Read more »


日本語を話せますか? 私は勉強しています。


Wonderful. I’m studying it also but I can’t write it just yet! I’m teaching myself actually and I thought I would start with the pronunciation and spelling with Latin letters and once I master it I’ll get to the Japanese characters. I find it pretty easy, Japanese grammar is nothing compared to English/ German grammar.


Ich sprache auch ein bisschen Deutsch. Ist es Ihre erste Sprache?

I am trying to learn Kanji, but there’s just so many, and the fact that they have multiple pronunciations doesn’t help (and I still can only speak a very limited amount).
Are you using something like Rosetta Stone? What works for you?


Wow, ok das ist sehr beeindruckend. Deutsch ist nicht meine Muttersprache. Romanian is actually my first language. I’m mixed so I grew up speaking several languages which is why I’m interested in languages like Japanese which I have no connection with. Indeed I use Pimsleur, it’s a pretty flawless system I can only recommend it. Though it’s recommended to only listen to the lessons, repeat things when you are told to and that’s it. I don’t do that, I take notes so I can convert everything I learned into Kanji more easily, like I mentioned before. The stuff they teach… Read more »