Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy

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A Child’s Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse

This is for real.

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    Undoubtedly written by the moral majority in a laughably piss-weak attempt to start a new round of modern-age witch hunts under the guise of “protecting children.”


    Ever seen the documentary, Witch Hunt? it’s a damn good movie. Makes you rage.


    Probably, yeah. Typical mentality. “Pagans sacrifice and rape children!” “I’m one and I’ve never seen that…” “Well, of course you’d say that. You’re not allowed to tell anyone about it!”


    at least give the little fuckers some shoes. geez


    this is totally inaccurate. We used a guillotine, not a noose.


    That`s it.Whip up a little more hysteria.Thank god this nonsense peaked in the early 80s.


    …and will peak again, no doubt.


    It did? Are you sure?


    LoL at people who think this is fake. It’s real But it is very rare.

    fracked again



    Isn’t the widespread abuse by the catholic church way more common than any alleged satanic cults (that, incidentally, we’ve never heard about)?

    Just sayin’


    The reason you have never heard about them is because there actual names are well guarded secrets. If you ran into an actual member of the cult you would never know they were even a member of a satanic or other pagan cult.Infant and child Sacrifices are the rarest in witchcraft and satanism (infact there was once a branch of christianity that sacrificed infants) my father claims to have known one woman who was a “breeder” and i myself knew one person who claimed to have attended an infant sacrifice. Adult sacrifices tend to be the most common among the… Read more »


    Mmhmm. See, this is what I was talking about. “Well, of course you don’t hear about it on the news all the time! It’s sekrit!!!”


    Only a fool believes there is no such thing as secrecy in our world.


    Oh and if you actually read my post instead of using a knee jerk reaction you would realize that i said child sacrifices are extremely rare. But hey what the fuck would i know i only practiced hardcore satanism for two years.


    Validated? Meaningless Sacrifice?


    I other words “satan” will not accept it because it was not a proper ritual. For example simply stating ” i give my soul to satan so i that i may seek in return cars, cash tits etc” does not mean satan accepts your soul. There is a formal process you have to go through in order to be recognized. It’s like that with most religions that deal with the sacrafice of life. You have to do it on an alter or you have to use certain instruments or recite certain verses or incantations.


    I realize that. It’s jut an odd way to state it. Is there really any human sacrifice that is not meaningless?

    Nice article picking apart the idea of widespread Satanic cults in general and destroying the claim of Satanic influence in Role-Playing Games in particular:


    Great! Someone wants to start the McMartin pre-school witch hunts all over again. The only satanists out there are a bunch of angry recovering Catholic teenagers.


    I remember that case. I was horrified at how it was handled, practically destroyed that family.