What happens when you use marijuana

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The horror!


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    OH NOES! Marijuana packs? I want some, too.




    Carl Sagan would disagree. And last time i checked Carl Sagan was one ridiculously smart man.

    tiki god

    last I checked he was a rotting corpse in a hole in the ground 🙁


    This is the kind of thing people will believe if they have never tried marijuana or if they have never seen someone being high. I don’t understand how else anyone could believe this is possible. The worst thing I’ve seen people do when they were high is buy greasy fast food. The worst thing I’ve seen drunk people do is try to kill someone. The best thing I’ve seen drunk people do is try to teach Jackie Chan secret kung fu techniques. Ok I’m done.

    What about cocaine, meth and those other drugs?


    I have never seen anyone on any other drugs except shrooms. And as far as I know there aren’t any Jackie Chan films where his sifu is on cocaine. ):

    All right then, the worst thing I’ve seen people on shrooms do is walk with their upper bodies bent at an angle of 90° while staring at confused pedestrians as if their lives depended on it, as well as losing my beautiful Egyptian hookah in the woods. The best thing I’ve seen people on shrooms do is appreciate my shitty poetry and rhymes.

    Wait that wasn’t my point. Marijuana is illegal, alcohol is legal. I rest my case.


    The Drunken Master reference was awesome. I love that moveh




    i smoke ganja daily
    i have wife, a good job, and 4 beautiful kids
    i am a productive member of my community and i earn a decent amount of money while surfing the web instead of doing the job i love


    “David has no money, no family and no friends”.
    No family, then how was he born eh?


    Wait I got it, David is obviously a cyborg. That’s why he doesn’t have any of those things, he doesn’t need them. He’s an older model and neglected though. Where is Will Smith when you need him.


    Will Smith is for humanoid robots. Cyborgs . . . hmm. Not sure who to call for that.


    I knew someone would come and say that. I’m glad it was you. Also I think Will should be able to handle this, it’s just one little David, not entire warehouses of Davids. I mean really, how many cyborgs named David who smoke packs of marijuana have you met.




    Not addictive.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The guy who’s tied down to a bitch and three crotchfruit is supposed to be the winner? I’d better smoke more packs of marihuana cigarettes.


    Marujuana is a relaxant and so many users get wired into that way of thinking and do deteriorate into a street bum way of life because they are too relaxed to motivate themselves further

    the ones who can use and still be 100% productive in society are the extreme minority


    it would be a lot more funny if there were people out there who didn’t believe that it was 100% true.

    as it is, why bother?


    Packs of marijuana cigarettes, you say? Ignoring the fact that anyone who actually knows what marijuana is knows it doesn’t come in packs nor cigarettes, let’s look at this a bit further. A pack of cigarettes contains 20 cigarettes. One cigarette contains about 1 gram of tobacco. One gram of weed runs about $10, so you’re looking at $200 for one pack of marijuana cigarettes. The picture says he smokes “several” packs a week. “Several” is generally defined as being more than 1-3, so let’s say David smokes 4 packs a week. That’s $800 a week. Multiply that out by 52 (since I doubt Dave takes holidays), and that’s $41,600 a year, just on weed. Now, the picture says that David has no job, no money, and no home, but Occam’s Razor tells us that no one who smokes 80 grams of weed a week is going to be capable of doing anything more nefarious than what Dave’s currently doing in the picture. It also tells us that David is not independently wealthy, since the first thing a rich pothead is going to do is buy a nice house with a bigass greenhouse in the backyard, right next door to a Cheetos factory. Thus, we must deduce that Dave does in fact have a job. One that allows him to be ripped to the eyes on weed every day, smoke weed on the job (in all likelihood), and pays him a net salary of at least $41,600 (though likely significantly more, since someone that stoned all the time is going to go through an unholy amount of Cheetos and Hershey bars). The more you know, kids. The more you know.

    TL;DR version: Fuck Mike, I want Dave’s job.


    your preaching to the choir. we all probabally already know this.
    TL;DR why all so butthurt?


    Only those addicted to pot are the ones that desperately try so hard to defend that it’s not addictive.


    The guy I buy my green off (dealer’s too strong a word) is on his honey moon, as such I haven’t smoked up in weeks. Based on my personal experience I don’t think pot is addictive, am I an addict?


    Also some scientists.


    Thanks. Also people who believe it’s not the government’s job to decide what you can or cannot do with your mind regardless of their consumption of weed.

    I have never seen a pothead who was desperate for anything except maybe French fries.


    I heard this marihuanna stuff leads to jazz music.


    I don’t understand why everyone is voting this down. This picture is incredible in several ways.


    Seriously, dude, this image is awesome.


    What the fuck is Marihuanna?


    Marihuanna is a small town in Mexico, near Acapulco. It’s where David lives because cigarettes are cheap there.


    OK, kids, get a copy of the extensive report R.M. Nixon ordered on Mary-J-wanna. It is on the “net.” After he read that the weed with roots in hell is harmless and non-addictive he threw the report away and dismissed all the hand-picked doctors who did the study. That was in 1970-71. And the fucked up U.S. government is STILL putting people in jail for smoking it.

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