Best Dad Ever of the Day: Kid Gets Custom Made Hobbes From Dad

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Best Dad Ever of the Day:
Jim Clark wanted to get a Hobbes doll for his Calvin-alike son to play with, but, as Bill Watterson has vehemently refused to allow the merchandising of his strip, Mr. Clark did the next best thing: He had one custom made.

“I think it’s a shame that Mr. Watterson doesn’t offer merchandise of his characters. It seems to me that he could create something for the public that wouldn’t tarnish his strip. But he chooses not to, and that’s his prerogative. I suppose it speaks a lot about his integrity and the care he has for his creations.”


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    Very cool.


    could Watterson sue for this?

    (this is the only reason i have not made an McS tshirt. i’m too lazy to ask tiki if he would mind)


    Just send him a bottle of Jack D.


    Hobbes himself stated he was more of an ochre than straight orange.




    Big props to Watterson for not being a sellout whore.
    And that dad, well, he just warms the cockles of my heart.


    That’s awesome. Kudos to that dad. And I’ve always had tremendous respect for Watterson for not selling out his product for cash, and for ending it when he felt it was right.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’m kind of mixed on this. On the one hand, home-made toys are awesome. OTOH, Watterson quit 14 years ago, which means this toddler almost certainly has no idea what Calvin and Hobbes is about. So the toy has to more for the dad than the kid, which is kind of a dick move.


    Maybe he showed’em the strips, liked them and asked for a magical tiger.

    tiki god

    I dunno man, it’s cool to other people that he did it, but maybe the kid really likes stuff animals?

    it’s not a weird thing that a kid would like those things.


    think of when the kid can read and appreciate the strip for what it is: A work of art. and i wouldnt put it passed his dad to read it to him. My grandpa read me calvin and hobbes.


    I agree


    I find it kinda sad that you can’t buy a Hobbes plush but you can find a fakie Calvin pissing on anything sometimes even squat pissing too. That really shows how the public feels about his art.


    I didn’t realize that was supposed to be Calvin.

    Luke Magnifico

    Watterson can suck a cock.


    : obvious_troll.jpg


    Drunken Stepfather would be impressed


    He got it for his kid because his kid reminds him of Calvin. As the child gets older, he will, no doubt, treasure his Hobbes.


    Some goodness from my new favorite site: