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    37 Responses ttto Repent. Hell awaits you!

    1. Lamb says:

      Fornicators – But… how else to make the babies?
      Homosexuals – Why? We need a fashion police.
      Liars – Well don’t you feel like a dumbass, now…
      Thieves – Especially the well dressed ones that come out at 4 am.
      Masturbators – 1. that’s not a word… 2. see Liars.
      Obama voters – Whahahahaha…
      Buddhists – I don’t even know what to say to this one.
      Dirty Dancers – That’s a movie… I don’t get it.
      Hindus – Curry is awesome, fuck you!
      Gangster rappers – Gimmie that side hug!
      Muslims – JIHAD!
      Drunkards – They already live in a perpetual Hell.. and Heaven at the same time.
      Feminists – With this I agree…
      Immodest women – But what will I look at when I’m not at home?
      Democrats & Liberals – Long live the republic!
      Evolutionists – Also not a word. How else do you explain your monkey-like thinking?
      Atheists – They should go to hell and say: “Damn it! Wrong again!”
      Potheads – The bible suddenly became irrelevant.
      Sodomites – You said that once… Or are you talking about women who take it in the ass? If so… You’re mom’s going to hell for last night.

      • Pants says:

        an internet to you, sir. for arguing with a sign in a picture.

      • KommissarKvC says:

        Homosexuals: calvin klein proves heterosexual men can do fashion, we dont need faggots to do it

        Gangsta Rappers: the black ones are already going to hell and the white ones who copy them can copy going to hell

        Democrats and liberals: democrats are liberals, still going to hell

        Muslims: wont go to hell, the jews are there

        Atheists: cant go to hell, they dont believe in it

        Potheads: too fucked up to find hell

    2. Lamb is copying me. He needs a time out or I’m not playing.

    3. Puulaahi says:

      At least there won’t be any preaching in hell. Oh hell, hell doesn’t even exist.

      Dirty Dancers FTFL

    4. natedog says:

      dude with the sign is a total fag

    5. TheLotusEater725 says:

      Let’s see. I am a fornicating evolutionist drunkard pothead masturbator. Well shit, looks like i am fucked. Part of me wonders if this guy is actually a christian nutjob or some disgruntled atheist posing as one.

    6. RSIxidor says:

      So these guys are homosexuals in front of the sign . . .

      I’d like to sodomize a woman in front of it. Just seems like a good idea to me.

      • KommissarKvC says:

        would make sense
        a guy with a sign condemning fags, they’ll just go gayer to retaliate
        do something HETEROSEXUAL in front of them and they’ll go “ewwwww”
        you just have to know how to affect them

    7. mikoyangurevich15 says:

      Sign like that,and the dimwits that hold them are just asking for it.I tend to act in a reserved manner in public.But just show me a sign,oh Lord,and it`s fuck with time.

    8. DMYTRIW WDS says:

      10/20 achievements, and I’m not aiming for any of the homo ones. I hope I get a special prize in hell.

    9. Pants says:

      why do you need two bibles

    10. WistfulD says:

      I wonder if he realizes that he convinces no one, but perpetuates the Christian=Self Righteous Asshole stereotype that drives moderate Christians away from the church (or just in invoking God in their actions).

    11. Thank you to the person down thumbing all my comments. I appreciate your dedication. Only over 4000 more comments to go.

    12. 7footJesus says:

      I’m only going to hell 6 to 8 times depending your exact definitions…I’m disappointed.

    13. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      “Also drop all those unnecessary periods, write like you write, not like you would talk.”

      There are two major grammar errors there. I know because I invented grammar and the English language. It wasn’t even very hard and I only did it because I first invented slavery and I needed something to keep those bastards from learning. Plus it was raining AND a fucking Sunday. I figured if it was really the lord’s day then I as God should do something productive.

      Your sentence should read:

      Lamb, please write properly and not how you would write it had you spoken it.

      Also in the link I tried posting a comment “why is everyone in the picture so ugly?” from the username Harvard rules! but I don’t think the mod will approve it.

    14. Silverwolf says:

      Hmmmm… I’m 7 of those… does that mean I go to seven different hells, or do I get a special bonus eternal torture coupon, or what? Anyway, glad to know I’ll be in the company of a lot of interesting, diverse people there.

    15. actrivi says:

      Just think, some frightened Kinko’s employee had to print that out for him.

    16. What does my grammar have to do with it? I never said it was flawless, English is my second language. However I do know a little about writing so I told him what I know. If I had told him to “please write properly” that could have referred to anything, I meant specifically the periods and only in his first comment. I told him that because I like him otherwise I wouldn’t have cared in the first place. Magnus, please stay on topic.

    17. sutenvulf says:

      i lol’d at obama voters (WAI2GO!)

      also he forgot forum trolls

    18. blackdog33 says:

      Be a REAL liberal. French kiss a queer for JESUS!

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