Proposed Wing-Suit for US Military

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I want one.

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    Useless, but awesome.


    what’s so useless about being awesome?


    This reminds me of the Ninja Turtles. Also ugly and this is really functional?


    Possibly for HALO jumping, though it looks cumbersome. Looks unpowered.


    And if it were powered, I’d imagine it’d be heavy as all hell, and burn your feet. Not to mention, what would happen if you run out of fuel?


    Nope, that awesome has already been achieved.


    gravity powered, ya’ll


    this is waaaaay cooler than parachuting in somewhere


    Little problem with the surface area to weight ratio. I’m thinking the final result will look more like a hang glider in size. Also, what happens when you drop below your stall speed? Either that thing deploys a parachute or the guys going to have to hit the ground running at like 50 miles per hour.


    most likely unpowered. i would guess that this would allow someone to jump further from the target, and using this they could guide their fall better

    tiki god

    man, I was going to come in here and bitch about how apparently no one read the article this came from, but it wasn’t even in the post. If I remember correctly, this is for high altitude jumps, and gives you about 30 miles of glide space before you pull your shoot.


    Well that makes more sense. Not that modern parachutes don’t give you lots of precision landing anyway, but I can understand a few insertions that would benefit from these. Special ops, stuff like that.


    Where are their legs?


    No crash landings…unless you want to breakyourneck/paraplegic!

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