Jeff Beck`s “Truth” album cover Epic Records 1968

Jeff Beck`s Truth album Epic,1968.jpg (22 KB)

Someone has got to know who painted this cover (No,it was not René Magritte.That was on the album “Beck-ola”.)Impress the hell out of me and find an answer!

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    Klaus Voorman?


    Man I love the song “E-Pro” by this guy


    Doesn’t really look like a painting…looks more like a double-exposure photograph.


    This album is legendary, and even has a tiny bit of Led Zeppelin in it as a small bonus


    First off, great fucking album and I had to dig through my collection to find my copy but I did. Flipped through my CD booklet, unfortunately the artist wasn’t credited (Some dude named Hugh Gilmour is accredited for the re-issue design, but he is just a graphics artist and not a painter) so I had to delve further. I could not find the name of the artist anywhere online and it really started pissing me off, and I got too say, man, I am at the end o my rope. I really tried, and that René Magritte guy was all… Read more »

    Billy Shoemaker

    I saw this cover 5 minutes ago and I said who is the girl and who did the cover! I think that is the first time I saw the cover. I am familiar with Beck’s work, and I am a HUGE fan of the Yardbirds, but I wish I knew who the girl was and who did the cover!