Gangs, Guns, Drugs… HAD ENOUGH?

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    And the ATF will show up with shitloads of automatic weapons and assault rifles. On the plus side, you’ll be able to watch fairly entertaining drug busts.


    Yeah because if it is one thing criminals do is obey the law and adhere to socially acceptable practices.


    Criminals mostly use illegally gotten weapons in the first place… So removing them from the people who abide the law only creates a power vacuum…. and when the armed criminals know a person is most likely unarmed… you know the rest…

    A society free of handguns surly sounds idealistic… but it is not realistic…

    Imagine however a world without handguns… The violence is in human nature and will continue… so what is next… registration of kitchen knifes?


    The UK is having conversations about kitchen knives right now that the US was having about handguns in the ’90s. They’ve even come up with “pointless” knives, etc… so that little Timmy (or Pip?) can’t take it to school and go stabbity on his chums. So, yeah, humans are retarded and violent. And the survivors of gunshot wound usually have a little scar somewhere on their torso; the survivors of knife attack usually have facial disfigurements… and as a “less lethal” weapon, violent people use it less discriminately… kinda like cops with tasers in the US.


    Yes exactly…. Registration of guns… then knifes… then this baseball bat… then this rock from my garden… oh wait… my fingers are a bit pokey and could gouge out someones eyes… better regulate those too.


    ATF? Any person who has seen Sesame Street can figure out which one of these things does not belong, alcohol tobacco and drugs would make sense, firearms explosives and accelerants would make sense.
    stupid ass guvment should get head out of ass and replace ATF with bureau of weapons. We already have a (very flawed) FDA that technically should handle alcohol, tobacco and drugs (all the useless DEA agents should report to the nearest suicide booth).


    PathogenAntifreeze Thanks for the info. Kidda sad really. I feel bad for you guys over the pond. The collapse of perhaps the best belief system in the world…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms should be the name of convenience store, not a government agency.