Tiki Keys

KEYS-1748.jpg (112 KB)

Figured an offering to the Tiki god was in order.
Buy them here: www.perpetualkid.com/ti-keys-tiki-key-caps.aspx

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    The blue one is the obvious classic. Also “idolize your keys”, haha oh yeah. Now we need Tiki condoms.


    I’d buy them if I used condoms. g/f on the shot FTW.


    Err… The shot is not FTW… Yay fucked up hormones for months and possibly years after she gets off of it. Its the worst contraceptive out there. IUD FTW.


    Agreed. I was on the depo shot years ago. Chemical castration is correct. I finally gave up and stopped taking it, it took forever to get back to normal, though my libido was back in short order. What’s the point of not getting pregnant if you don’t ever want sex?


    She did have an IUD. It wouldn’t stay in place because my dick bumped it (no lie, believe it or not, I don’t care)

    She still always wants it. Not an issue.


    I’d buy them.

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