The Comics Code Authority

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Vintage-Comics-Code-Brochure-05-72dpi.JPG (56 KB)

A fascinating chapter in the history of censorship and a pivotal one in the history of the American comic-book industry.

Will no doubt be TLDR for some; I recommend starting with the fifth pic (Brochure-04) that details what’s forbidden from a CCA-approved comic.

Further reading:

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    tiki god

    aw man, I remember when Marvel Comics was all like “hey fuck you comic code” and they stopped putting it on their books.

    Good Times!


    You know Disney own Miramax, right?


    You know that Miramax is bankrupt now, right?

    tiki god

    I’m nearly 100% certain that a condition of the merger/buy out was that creative control would reside with the Marvel Entertainment guys for the foreseeable future.

    though it doesn’t make much sense to have a movies division in Marvel Ent. AND in Disney, so who knows what changes will be brought to the table.


    Yeah well, people don’t pay enough to see stylish violence. The demographic downloads films for free instead of watching thema t the cinema and buys DVDs of the ones that get good reviews in small independent shops a couple of eyars later, imported (if possible) from Japan, or some other place that’s suitably non-mainstream.

    Even so, Disney never stopped Miramax using violence and sex, and if anything it encouraged them to use it more.