Dungeons and Discourse

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From that guy dresdencodak.com

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    I rather enjoy these.


    I chuckled, then lol’d.

    tiki god

    I have no clue what’s going on here.

    is there a joke that I’m missing?

    what am I missing.


    You’ll need to become a philosophy major to understand everything that you’re missing in this comic.

    About half of it is over my head…


    If you don’t have previous experience with D&D or an interest in philosophy that’s were alot of the jokes in that comic come from. I disagree that a philosophy major is required being as I have never taken a philosophy class, wikipedia would be helpful but I don’t think it is worth it to read every term he uses. You should read some of his other stuff.

    Personally I like this one alot: dresdencodak.com/2006/10/07/summer-dream-job/

    and this one: dresdencodak.com/2009/07/12/fabulous-prizes/

    Alot of his comics are about absurdities like that.


    Needs more Tiny Carl Jung!


    pointless use of epistemological terms


    Wow, it’s like a 19-year old taking psych 101 collided with a freshman taking phil 101 collided with a sophomore (that’s “wise-fool” for you people who care about etymology) taking rhet 101 combined their powers into pedant-tron, the super-genius who deemed you as “ignorant” for not knowing what he just learned. Thank god he didn’t run into a copy of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead,” or else we’d all have drowned in an ocean of infantile-intellectualism’s pretentiousness.


    Note that this is not a refute of objectivism (that field has enough people calling foul on their poorly reasoned logic), but to the intellectually deficient freshmen who discover a decades old collection of books and think that they-alone have discovered a secret wellspring of knowledge that everyone else (“people are sheep!”) has somehow ignored for no specific reason except that those that find it are intellectually superior. I’m sorry, but being a 30 year old grad student walking through the constant gauntlet of people like this (from all political and philosophical bents), you just get tired of people re-inventing… Read more »


    Get your degree and get a job as FAR AWAY from academia as possible. Seriously.


    God forbid someone make intellectual jokes on the internet. You must have never seen a web comic before, this is about as deep as they come and people are already calling it uppity. He isn’t coming up with ground breaking philosophy he is writing a web comic for “normal humans” to read. Your beef shouldn’t be with the artist but you seem to disagree with Denmarkian with how much philosophy is actually needed. I will admit that a lot of philosophy majors are very high and mighty and act like they are on a higher level of thinking but that… Read more »


    I’m gonna translate what Wistful said into Laymen’s Terms:

    “Dresdencodak is uppity bullshit. Fuck it.”


    Wistful, why couldnt you have been there for me when I stalked down the paths of pseudo-intellectualism 2 years ago? I became everything you described. You couldve saved me from a terrible relationship and loss of friends with those two comments alone. I’ve since recovered and made amends with my friends, and broke up with the bitch, but IT COULDVE BEEN AVOIDED. *sobs in regret*


    Oh, and I didnt get the fountainhead, I got Atlas Shrugged. 10x more pretentious levels occured.


    Wow…reading this cartoon was a lot like watching “I ♥ Huckabees”. And I mean that in a good way.