Death to apple

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    You silly Mac user, games aren’t for you!


    if you think gaming is the only thing a computer is good for then you deserve windoesn’t and it’s viri… 8/


    Mac has the gtx 285 and core i7 now. Intel hardware plus gtx 285 = killer mac box that doubles as a good gaming rig provided you dual-boot with windows.

    Luke Magnifico

    provided you dual-boot with windows.

    I’ve never disputed that Mac’s hardware is pretty fucking jawsome. It’s the OS that bugs me.


    FFS an OS is an OS, If it gets the job done then be happy with it, if you like windows you like windows if you like OS X then you like OS X I don’t see what the problem is, all OS’s have pro’s and con’s. I will say that game point is moot though seeing as how now most games are released alongside the PC version thanks to cider (with a few exceptions but thats more the publishers fault then anything)


    As a composer/producer in the making, Mac is my weapon of choice, but there is no need for the hate.


    For anyone who doesn’t care about PC gaming, OS X makes your like 10,000% easier. It’s faster (in terms of boot ups/shut downs, file transfers, etc), prettier, more logical, more secure, BETTER freeware… I use both and always will, but Mac is like wiping your ass with silk. Inb4 rationalising idiots saying “PC CAN DO OSX TOO”… Mac is just as much hardware as it is software… The build quality on Macbooks is astounding, and it’s the same with iMacs, although I don’t own one at the moment. After switching earlier this year, I don’t think I’ll ever have a… Read more »


    In a 3 year reliability survey, Apple ranked 4th after Asus (1st), Toshiba (2nd), Sony (3rd). A $600-$800 Asus is more reliable than a $1200 Macbook. If the price premium isn’t going to build strength, then what the hell is it going to?


    The build quality of my desktop is better than any mac… because I BUILT IT MYSELF!


    I find it funny how most of Mac’s rooting campaign followers include the whole “it’s easier!” argument. Look, anything is easy if you take the time to learn it. I’m sure I can do things in a fraction of time that you could do on Windows, just because I know my way around a bit better, same thing if you challenge me to use OS X. And besides, in terms of shortcuts and crap, it’s pretty much the same. The “easier” argument to me falls flat on its face when I use a damn Mac. It’s annoying at best, the… Read more »


    This is my new wallpaper.


    The easier and whatever thing is pretty much irrelevant, but having used both Windows and Mac, I can safely say Mac is more reliable overall. It’s also very nice to know that every goddamn hacker and their mother isn’t out to fuck your computer. Also, yeah Apple computers are more expensive, but at least they retain about half their value in the secondary market, it’s not much but it counts


    “Macs aren’t safer, just a smaller target”

    You seriously have to piss off a hacker on purpose to have your Windows fucked up. I’ve been using Windows since 2001 and I can safely say no hacker, or his mother, has fried my PC. There’s no “trick” to it, just get an AV that doesn’t suck and don’t be a moron and click everything you see. When you join channels or rooms, don’t act like an ass and ask dungeon dwellers with no sense of humor how to “hack” a Hotmail account.

    That’s common sense, people!


    Yeah…isn’t the point of technology to make things easier on people? Attacking technology for being user friendly is pretty much retarded, just like stereotyping people for there OS of choice. Come on people, I expect this crap in the PS3/Xbox360 console wars, but seriously, adults over computer systems?


    What would you have us do? Agree? That would break the internets, all of them.


    No no no, not agree, respect maybe? ah what the hell i give up this is the internets…it can’t be done…