The REAL Ghostbusters

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2º Art by Jabroni312

3º Sticker Collector’s Album

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    The latest game is a damn nice tribute to this franchise. Let’s hope the rumored 3rd movie doesn’t kill it.

    tiki god

    I’ve seen the latest game, and it was terrible.

    did you think elseways?


    Seen or played? Because it’s the feel of the game that makes it shine, the constant jokes and overall experience of being there with 4 grown ups that chase ghosts for a living.

    It was a tad too easy but it was certainly a thousand times better than the Arcade and NES Ghostbuster titles.

    tiki god

    I watched it being played for about an hour. about 30 minutes in, all the jokes start to repeat, and it got old, real quick.


    Which version? If it’s the PS2/Wii version, yes that one stinks on ice. The PC/PS3/Xbox 360 one rocks. Absolutely NAILED the busting mechanics. Of course, seeing a game being played isn’t anywhere NEAR as much fun as playing it yourself. Especially if you play more than the first mission. Judge not until you’ve held the controller in your own hands for a good four hours (half the game). The same old jokes only get old if you SUCK AT THE GAME AND KEEP DYING, thus requiring one to sit through the jokes again. In later missions, there are NEW jokes!… Read more »


    this is not extreme. where are the cripplz?


    That would be in Extreme Ghostbusters. But those weren’t the real Ghostbusters. These are the real Ghostbusters, from The Real Ghostbusters.


    I could never understand why they gave Egon such bizarre hair.


    I think it was something to do with the likeliness of the films’ actor. Legal bs most likely.


    I still have that sticker book! It had to be my favorite, it’s so beat up. Not even half the stickers in it, though.