HP Voyager

HP-11C-M.JPG (147 KB)

This is my dad’s numbarmasheen from the 80’s that I use for my math & engineering classes. Can’t find one better. RPN like a madman.

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    while i respect your opinion on this classic, surely you jest about not being able to find a better calculator


    The 15c is better. I have one sitting in my drawer. I have sold 32sII on eBay for more than I paid for them. They are classics and you won’t find better. The new ones 33 and 35 are crap compared to the old one.

    Robert Spam

    I’m voting with harrison15. I’ve not had the chance to use the 11C which I hear is awesome but the 32sII are pretty Goddamn sweet! I’ve got two. One I’ve used for 20 yrs and a backup because they’re not made any more. The backup is in our bank’s safety deposit box.


    Oh man, my ex’s dad gave me one of these. It was awesome. Unfortunatly it drowned in the beer spill of 2005.


    I like my 41CV, but I can’t find aaaa batteries…

    Luke Magnifico

    I use a Casio fx-83ES. Natural display is pretty cool guys.


    49 series looks like a gameboy! 🙂