Distribution of Black Paintings

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“The Black Paintings are a group of paintings by Francisco Goya created in the later years of his life (1819-1823) that portray intense, haunting themes. In 1819 at the age of 72, Goya moved into a two-story house outside of Madrid called “Quinta del Sordo,” or “Deaf Man’s Villa”. Although the house had been named after the previous owner who was deaf, Goya was himself deaf at the time as a result of an illness he suffered at the age of 46. After the Napoleonic Wars and the turmoil of the Spanish government, Goya developed an embittered attitude towards humanity. He had an acute awareness of panic, terror, fear, and hysteria. Also surviving two near-fatal illnesses, Goya grew increasingly anxious and impatient in fear of relapse. These factors combined are thought to have led to his production of 14 works known as the Black Paintings.” – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Paintings

Goya oil painted them directly on the walls of his house. I can imagine sitting in the dining room and view Saturn Devouring his Son from the shadows while eating chicken. I want to go there.

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    tiki god



    you approved it 😛


    I love Goya’s painting now, but as a child, my uncle took me to a Goya exhibition and I was traumatized lol


    back off, tiki, that’s my shit you’re disrespecting.
    I have seen these with my eyes, but sadly, there is much evidence that these were not done by Francisco at all. In fact, the second floor wasn’t even built when he owned the place.


    Still, kinda cool.


    @I Great post!


    props on the description, instead of just posting a random pic.