North American A-5 Vigilante

A-5_Vigilante_ECN-231.jpg (1 MB)

RA-5C_RVAH-6_in_flight_1970.jpg (67 KB)

RA-5C_Vigilante_overhead_aerial_view.jpg (2 MB)

RA-5C_Vigilante_RVAH-7_1979.jpg (2 MB)

The North American A-5 Vigilante was a powerful, highly advanced carrier-based supersonic bomber designed for the United States Navy. Its service in the nuclear strike role to replace the A-3 Skywarrior was very short; however, as the RA-5C, it saw extensive service during the Vietnam War in the tactical strike reconnaissance role. Prior to the unification of the Navy designation sequence with the Air Force sequence in 1962, it was designated the A3J Vigilante.

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    Really cool design, shame that its not a fighter…

    tiki god

    what do you mean it’s not a fighter?


    Well, its like a F-111 Aardvark, a strike plane, or a recon. I mean a air combat fighter, or a fighter-bomber; take the F-15C/E as an example. It’s designation describles “A-5” as Attack.
    Awesome fighter look, but to me, a bomber should be like the A-6 Intruder. Can you imagine a F-14 dropping bombs and a A-7 chasing MIGs?!!