Big hole!

MeteorCrater.jpg (106 KB)

Meteor Crater is a meteorite impact crater located approximately 43 miles (69 km) east of Flagstaff, near Winslow in the northern Arizona desert of the United States.

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    great place! go visit.


    Was it caused by a plane?


    And you chose to post quite possibly the WORST picture ever taken of this. When was this made? 1946?


    That’s what Yabucoa looks like now after my mother farted.


    Looks like the “after” shot for the Tommy/Pamela sex tape.


    We stopped by this location on a cross country trip. Unfortunately had no cash on hand and they want 15 bucks to look at the hole in the ground. Returning to the highway we did find an old wrecked house. And I do mean OLD, build out of rock slabs taken from the very ground it’s built upon. Will upload pics soon.


    been there- seen that. for only $12.


    Yeah, but I have seen something quite like this roughly a gazillion times. It must be the stock picture for this crater (or the stock picture for craters).


    I went there a couple months ago with my nephew. He thought it was awesome, we had fun.


    This picture looks a hell of a lot more impressive than seeing it in person up close. I considered it a great waste of the entrance fee.

    tiki god

    you didn’t have $15 on your person?

    how were you traveling that bit of country then? just with luck and plastic?


    Ok, I’m pretty sure there’s a guy at the bottom of this thing, sucking the energy out of the planet. I’m going to assemble a team. I’ll play the role of “whiny-but-kind-of-cocky-sorta-badass-with-a-mysterious-past” guy. I will also need the following people: – A hot chick – A hot chick with a GIANT rack – A token black guy, preferably with a gun. But since all black people carry guns, this isn’t a problem, really. – A crazy as fuck old man – An emo kid – A bengal tiger – some kind of fucked up talking animal or a remote control… Read more »


    “Was it caused by a plane?”

    No, it’s where Goku and Vegeta fought the first time.


    Haha oh NoOneInP I thought the same thing, you’re awesome.

    vincent_kahrune made me laugh petty hard also.


    Dibs on being the crazy as fuck old man. Yea!


    son goku tripped and this was the result

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