More Hua Shan Mountain pics

hua shan 1.jpg (60 KB)

hua shan 2.jpg (392 KB)

hua shan 3.jpg (352 KB)

hua shan 4.jpg (185 KB)

The cable car ride seems interesting enough, but the ‘trail’…
bricks were passed for sure.
It’s all over the interwebz, google it up.

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    Oh fuck my legs hurt just looking at that. That would be a great place to get toned.


    It’s not that hard, it’s just like a ladder. However wearing jeans is probably a bad idea. What’s with people not knowing how to dress for occasions like that? I see them attempting to climb up mountains in their tight jeans all over the place here. If someone decides to go on such an extravagant trip one would assume they would give some thought to appropriate clothing.

    Also the last photo is so fucking gorgeous.


    What kind of trees are that in the last photo? They remind me of bonsai. I love it.


    i would try this


    I wonder how many people have pissed themselves climbing that? Insane!

    Kik Dogg

    I’d go up there.

    You would have to airlift me off the top, though.


    @dieA, I believe these are Huangshan Pine Trees. BTW those mountains produce some nice wallpalers, just google ’em.


    As long as I didn’t look down, I may not throw up.


    Yes, it is just like a ladder. A gigantic ladder that leads into the heavens.

    I can’t believe I spent so much time thinking about my legs crapping out that I didn’t pay enough attention to that last image.

    It cannot be real. I refuse to believe it.


    I couldn’t do it, but that last pic…wow.


    To get to the pavilion in the last picture, you have to climb down a 120 degree cliff, with only chains and footholds in the rock and a chain for holding. Legend has it that the first Emperor of the Song Dynasty played chess with the Master Taoist in that pavilion over 1,000 years ago. The question is, how did they built this thing when it’s already so difficult to get there? Says some days when the mountain is covered by clouds, the pavilion can be seen floating on top of the cloud, people in it are “immortalized”.