Star Trek Pron NIB

stporn nib 001.jpg (79 KB)

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stporn nib 004.jpg (78 KB)

stporn nib 005.jpg (67 KB)

stporn nib 006.jpg (85 KB)

stporn nib 007.jpg (74 KB)

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stporn nib 010.jpg (76 KB)

old series is the top

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    hey spock, GO FUCK YOURSELF


    lol zach quinto couldnt do spock sign, so they crazy glued his fingers together, and fucker gave it his all. 😀 it was still bad.


    Let’s see: Plot holes you could drive Nero’s ship through, enough LENSFLARE to blind most of the audience, and so far from cannon that Q couldn’t tie the two universes back together… But hey it could have been worse: Shatner could have been in it. (Or directed it.) Bey could have directed. (I’m not sure which would f it up more!) They decide that it wasn’t Star Wars”ish enough, and give everyone light sabers, Romulan/Jedi mind tricks, or Space fighters (Okay, fighters MIGHT have made it better.) TrikYodz: Quinto at least can act, sort of… Except for him, and Pegg,… Read more »


    true dat


    The new Trek is like the Transfomers movies, don’t think, just have fun.
    Now, cut the gayness and give the models! NOW!


    I lol’d… but srsly, I have Star Wars figurines from the nineties that are more detailed than these? Are they like… from happy meals or something?


    Thank god. I thought I was the only one who hated that film. Seemingly intelligent friends of mine, some of them writers, thought it was spectacular and beyond criticism. I felt like I was surrounded by pod people. Perhaps there was some sort of drug in the popcorn that didn’t affect me? I’m just baffled by the near universal positive reviews.

    fracked again

    I enjoyed it, but I went in with low expectations.


    10 pics?


    and this is why I never want to be made into a toy….