Beriev A-40

Beriev_A-40_Gelendzhik_2Sept2004.jpg (235 KB)

The Beriev A-40 Al’batros (“Albatross”, NATO reporting name: Mermaid) was a jet-engined amphibious flying boat designed by the Beriev Aircraft Company for the anti-submarine warfare role. Intended as a replacement for the Beriev Be-12 amphibian and the land-based Ilyushin Il-38[2], the project was suspended after only two prototypes had been manufactured, due to the break up of the Soviet Union.[3] Recent reports suggest the project has been revived and that an order has been placed by the Russian Navy.

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    Practical Design. Who wants a crappy P-3?


    Sexy as HELL!
    Can I order one as a floating apartment for my seattle/paris/italy location?


    can we knock off the airplanes already?

    if this were a theme day, it would have been over a week ago. I’d like something other than an endless stream of aircraft, please




    : All the P3s in Maine are now in my NAS. And those will soon be gone in a few years and be replaced by P8s.