How To Wear An Elephant

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    and hopscotch was never the same again…


    This is all kinds of awesome


    Though not for the elephant.


    The elephant probably died of old age anyway. Look at how wrinkled his skin is.


    Am I the only one to think of Super Mario Bros. 3?


    Oh damn you’re right m_m. I’m going to call you m_m from now on. Man I loved that shoe in Super Mario. The shoe with the key thing at the back right, aw yeah. Probably my favourite part of any Super Mario.

    fracked again

    My old office had two elephant feet footstools in it. Some old great white hunter had croaked and given the college lots of his trophies and some of the odder ones ended up in storage. As the department grew, they converted storage into office space and I got foot stools. Later I got the choice of having a window and went for it.


    Kuribo’s Shoes. Princess Peach even writes you a letter about how awesome they are.

    And also, its technically “Goomba’s Shoes” because Kuribo is what Goombas are called in Japan. They changed this to say “Goomba’s Shoes” in some of the later releases.

    The real question: Why did they make up Goomba in the first place, Kuribo is clearly a superior name.


    Princess Peach writes you a letter about how awesome they are? Jesusfuck I can’t remember that at all. I must replay it all as soon as possible ’cause this unacceptably awesomr.


    I think its the letter after the World 2 (desert) airship. So don’t use the warps. I fucking love that game.

    A note: New Super Mario Bros Wii has so many nods to older games it is truly incredible. Such as this video