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where should you eat
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    There is no way to eat something good, there?

    Billy Manic

    You must eat In-N-Out no matter what part of the world you’re in. Make the trip here, damnit.


    Seconded. And thirded.


    The fact that a police officer is supposed to get donuts is so adorable. JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES. I have never eaten at any of these, let alone seen them, except McDonalds when I was 12. There are only two things, in terms of food, I want to try when I go to America, Mountain Dew and peanut butter. As a Jew I’m probably obligated to try a bagel as well, I’ve never seen a bagel or a donut, here they make donuts without the hole, sugar on top, and filled with marmalade in the middle. They look nice… Read more »


    I’m pretty sure In-N-Out Burger is why people go to Vegas.


    I still think a slurpee needs to be on that list. Occasionally they have Mountain Dew slurpees.