Windows 7 – Almost a Mac

OS.jpg (236 KB)

Got this in an e-mail.

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    I don’t know anyone who owns a mac so I could make a comparison…


    MAC’s suck balls!


    It is almost mac, but I wouldn’t say it’s almost perfect.


    windows 7 is still WAY too young to give it negative or positive reviews…so far its doing very well


    I like my MacBook Pro. They do look very similar. Mac does have a simpler layout.


    WTF did they do to Windows in that screenshot? It looks like they piled the worst 3rd party launcher I’ve ever seen on top of the taskbar with some craptastic 3rd party gadgets on the desktop.


    The hilarious thing is, that’s not even a mac, it’s linux. Also. token2k6 mac and MAC are two different things, at least learn to spell the thing you’re insulting


    The “Windows 7” machine has Photoshop CS4. The “Mac” machine has CS3. I’m gonna have to give this one to the PC…
    I also like how the Mac has NO ICONS ON THE DESKTOP. Because using the desktop as a desktop is so passe? Also, the Windows 7 pane has 4:3 aspect ratio for some reason. Whoever made this image was really trying very, very hard. We should put it up on the fridge, where everyone can see it, and give them a gold star.


    Eh, if it was really a Mac, a Windows 7 computer would cost about $600 more.

    Luke Magnifico

    Are you fer srs? Most of Dell’s mid- to low-level notebooks are being shipped with 7 now.


    it is linux, but both my linux machine and my mac have had better and more reliable functionality and virtually no suceptibility to viri, unlike anything micro$not has to offer.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’m confused as to how there is not one, but two people who think that’s linux. It has an Apple icon in the upper-lefthand corner, Leopard in the upper righthand corner and several Apple specific apps (Safari, iTunes) on the toolbar.


    Reboot, Look really carefully, it’s laid out exactly like an ubuntu. ubuntu have the symbol in the top left too, it has an unusual segmenting on the right menu bar, mac’s DON’T say what version it is on the right and also the giant penguin kinda gave it away, I’ve been using mac’s for years, that, is not a mac. Also it’s very easy to set custom icons


    What I don’t like about Windows is how I have to sometimes wait YEARS for all of the popular Mac games to get ported over to Windows…

    Oh, wait.


    Looks like someone threw Rainmaker on Windows 7, increased the size of all the tertiary taskbar icons, along with… damn, something like 3 different ObjectDock like programs.

    It’s like taking two different models of cars, then throwing 3 sets of spinners, garish paint, & a purple window tint on one while calling the other better.

    It’s a silly strawman argument.


    It’s funny how they got internet explorer in there. just hangin out like someone’s gonna use it when they have Firefox and Chrome.

    I wonder if we’ll be able to delete it this time


    IE is good to keep around for when you run into the rare webpage that just absolutely refuses to work under Firefox or Chrome. Ironically, I find those most often when I’m applying to tech jobs.

    I don’t know who made this picture, but I can smell the stench of threatened fanboi from here.

    Alec Dalek

    That’s not Windows 7. Applications don’t sit running in the task bar like that anymore. This is Vista or XP.


    Mac is just a tech head’s Ferrari. And you know what a Ferrari means, don’t we?


    Hunh. They both look like World of Warcraft toolbar screens to me. Way too much going on in the windows screen, I know this old dell cant handle it. (this old caveman don’t wanna handle it either.)


    Use IE Tabs, its an addon for firefox that lets you run IE specific code in firefox. I use it when I was working IT for my school and some of the help desk managing software we used was IE only.