Water Discovered in Moon Shadow, AND A FACE

plume_lcross_big.jpg (104 KB)

I spotted a face..

Why is there water on the Moon? Last month, the LCROSS mission crashed a large impactor into a permanently shadowed crater near the Moon’s South Pole. A plume of dust rose that was visible to the satellite, although hard to discern from Earth. The plume is shown above in visible light. Last week, the results of a preliminary chemical analysis gave a clear indication that the dust plume contained water. Such water is of importance not only for understanding the history of the Moon, but as a possible reservoir for future astronauts trying to live on the Moon for long periods. The source of the lunar water is now a topic of debate. Possible origins include many small meteorites, a comet, or primordial moon soil.


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    duh. jesus put the water on the moon.


    That does not look like a Jesus. Maybe a Frank, or a Rajesh.

    Kik Dogg

    I think that the face must have a runny nose.


    It took us this long to discover that there is water on the moon? Fucking duh, the shadowy area is the first place I would look for it. I have no idea what I’m talking about.


    We don’t have a colony on the moon yet!!!? Pathetic.


    I hope to god the face is Jesus. Do you know how much Golden Palace would buy that for on Ebay?


    looks like marilyn manson to me


    It’s not water. Armstrong needed a piss.


    There’s a face, next muffin. There’s a face, next muffin.


    looks like Cydonia in Mars


    Walter discovered in Moon shadow