Difference Between Theists, Agnostics and Atheists

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    M[c]S Version:
    TIKIGOD M[c]S members casetards
    drunk, Jerks, cancer,
    computer savant, but cool. retard,
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    I fucked.
    computer savant.but cool….retard
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    Should be more like,

    CapitalistHumanistGoth kid

    1. Wants all your money by pretending it’s god will even though the Bible doesn’t mention the pope’s position or the necessity of it.

    2. Contributor to humanity

    3. It’s a bloody goth kid don’t you know those are more harmless than a bird with a French frie.

    Billy Manic

    More like
    1. Labels
    2. Are
    3. Retarded


    Yeah that’s true actually. But if I were forced to give them labels because my head would explode otherwise that’s how I would do it. Not that my head is in any danger but you never know, it’s better to be prepared.


    {Something angry and disrespectful to the person who made this. The the realization it’s true, oh noes!]

    Kik Dogg

    I think it is only logical that my dubious insecurity would make me angrily slash my wrists. I think that it is unreasonable and intolerant of you to confidently suggest otherwise. How unsympathetic!


    Inb4 angry Fracked Again “LOL CHRISTIANS ARE DUMB LOL” comment. also kikigoddess wins.




    You started and ended with 2 different brackets. Where is your head at?


    that goth kid looks like gunface with orange facepaint on.


    i’m an athiest and i’m not angry unreasonable and insecure, so take that back or i’ll rip yer fuckin’ head off!!


    Tardex – I’m insecure and unsure of myself, and put both brackets in the attempt to get the right one.


    Lamb – It’s okay, this is a safe place. I accept you for who you are.


    You might as well compare:

    Sony Bose Yamaha

    Because they are all STEROtypes!

    The pictures are sort of funny in which ones they picked to represent the different stances. After all Emos could be deeply religious, but still self-destructive little shits. Not to mention the fact that the church thrives on doubt and fear. (That and cash given to them by all the doubters that are hedging their bets!)
    And of course: (BILLIONS AND BILLIONS) SAGAN for the WIN!!!””
    Pertaining to the captions though, in my experience, both ways apply to the Theists and Atheists. It’s amazing how some, but not all, of both types of ‘true belivers’ tend to fit both of those stereotypes.

    I’ve met a LOT of intolerant, unreasonable, and insecure theists. I’m related to some of them. And as to their supposed tolerance, confidence, and sympathy: Shall we talk about their problem with that Gay Marriage thingy, that pesky abortion problem, and how WELL they get along with other religions that don’t follow the same playbook?

    The atheists I know for the most part are tolerant of religious types, but get tired of being persecuted by them. Most of them are no more insecure or unreasonable than the rest of us. In fact, they tend to be better adjusted than the majority of people I know.

    That doesn’t excuse the bat-shit-crazy-lefter-than-leftwing-rabid-dog atheist that tries to force their views on me. For them I just ask how they differ from the Fundies they are fighting against. The blank stare usually last long enough for me to get away from them before they explode.

    To quote one of the Muppet’s movies: “People is People”

    For those of you that might be wondering: Yes, I believe in god. (But not the same way you might.)

    My $0.02



    Since when have Christians been tolerant?

    Is this meant to be ironic?

    fracked again

    No, Lotus, just you. You are the only one that is really, truly, intentionally ignorant.

    But a catholic priest as a tolerant and sympathetic person? Wow. Somebody hasn’t been paying attention

    Sure some emos call themselves atheist, but they really just want to get attention from their parents. Its theater, nothing more.

    Sagan kicks ass, though.


    To be fair, I think the theist is confident, tolerant, sympathetic if and only if: he’s raped an altar boy, tortured to death a heretic, successfully waged war on an infidel nation.


    Need a suicide bomber with the caption “Zealot” or “Fanatic”



    Ummm exactly what am i intentionally ignorant about? I have absolutely no qualm with the big bang theory or evolution.Seriously you need to come up with something original, i mean you sound like a typical angry atheist parrot” SQUAWK SQUAWK THERE IS NO GOD” Parrot away little fracked, parrot away. Ignore that there is a surprising amount of churches who believe gays should have equal rights. Ignore that the catholic church stated that the theory of evolution should be supported by christians. But all that breaks your convenient little stereotype of christians and jews now doesn’t it ?

    fracked again

    lotus, (sigh) How many times do we have to do this? You don’t have problems with the big bang or evolution, but you don’t seem to understand them and unthinkingly repeat unscientific creationist twaddle. You claim to have once been an atheist, but don’t seem to have put much thought into it, leading to a reconversion to some kind of odd celestial animistic deism. You don’t seem to understand basic objections to claims for the existence of god, and threw fits over the objectiveness of the scientific method.

    Yes, many churches aren’t anti-gay (the image uses a kid-diddler, making it the topic of discussion), but they still cobble humanity with bronze age superstition, except for the scientologists and raelians, they mix in scifi silliness. Instead of teaching people to be self reliant, they teach you to rely on magic, angels, fairies and spirits, to pray instead of work, and to support a hierarchy of leeches with delusions of being therapists and cultural leaders. But that isn’t a viewpoint of atheism, just one atheist, especially since there are religions that are functionally atheist.

    My stereotypes extend far beyond just jews and christians to muslims, a variety of new age cults, wicca, etc. Buddhists are ok for the most part, but the whole self denial thing is kind of off, reincarnation is baloney, and the Tibetan cult is anything but saintly. Marxists are worshipers of the state and empire cults, full of bronze idols and milatarism.

    Of course, there are scientific and reason minded people who are religious, I work with some of them. I respect them and they are my friends, but I don’t respect their beliefs and if they knew mine, they wouldn’t respect them.

    Its a little deeper than parroting, but some things do bear repeating. 1. There is no god. 2. You are an idiot.



    You don’t seem to understand basic objections to claims for the existence of god, and threw fits over the objectiveness of the
    So lets. Go over this again.

    Because you never actually read any of my arguments. And no i do not subscribe to the scientific method BECAUSE IT IS NOT INFALLIBLE. No matter how much you want it to be the scientific method IS NOT INFALLIBLE.

    1.That is not true, you have absolutely no evidence that proves there is no god, just as much as i have evidence that says there is a god.

    2.At least i think for myself unlike you who is afraid to question even your most basic of beliefs. You probably just read 4chan and select the best arguments that appease your one track mind.


    Ugh i’m done with you fracked. Arguing with you is exactly like arguing with a creationist.


    THAT IS NOT A FUCKING “KID-DIDDLER” YOU DISRESPECTFUL LITTLE FUCK! even my athiest friends think that Pope John Paul was one of the most respectful generous accepting forgiving nicest people ever. Just cause you use big words and put them in a long scentence doesnt make you right. Maybe were all wrong but get your slanderous generalizing one track minded self out of this fucking world. go kill yourself you little fuck. you complain that religion is annoying and opressive, quick to judge, and fake, but who says YOURE right? Sure the pope wasnt appointed, and maybe if you could, youd say “Who asked you?” to him just cause thats how bad ass you are.
    Look, i do have a religion. i dont go and shove it down peoples throats. but when someone, be them athiest, or spiritual, is being a closeminded biased assfuck, like yourself, it really pisses me off. youre even more annoying than rivergarbledragon or whatever the hell his name was.
    so Fracked again, i hope you subscribed to this thread via Email so it will reach your intolerant self faster. Then, you will try to witttingly reply and try to act all cool, when we all know youre just as bad as the people youre throwing the rocks at.


    “Can’t we all just get along?”

    LOL Isn’t it amazing how much RAGE is generated by any discussion about religion.

    God help us all. (No pun or jibe intended… For once!)

    Terry Tibbs


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