Left vs Right (World)

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“There are two versions with different colours: a US and a World version. This is because the US and Switzerland are the only countries in the world where red = right wing and blue = left wing.”


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    I learned something new today.

    Political parties in the US have been all kinds of flip flop throughout our history, so I’m really not surprised that we’re different this way.




    This is not a pick left or right thing. For example I found that I have things in common with the right wing, even though my beliefs are left. It’s statistics illustrated, combined with the general perception of these ideas. Actually all my liberal friends that I have shown this had to admit that they have more in common with the right than they thought.

    Malta Soron

    @dieA: That’s because a one-dimensional system is oversimplified. There are a lot of other systems for describing the political spectrum that use at least two dimensions (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_spectrum lists a bunch). Personally, I’d use three axes: personal freedom vs social control, economical freedom vs state control and progression vs conservatism.


    I have found that I have women on the left like to talk about kinky sex, but seldom deliver the goods.

    However, women on the right will not discuss it, but are actually better at kinky sex. And are more discrete.

    Example – catholic high school girls.

    Say… is that off-topic?


    @Malta Soron

    I am well aware of that, what I was trying to say is how both sides have things in common. It’s not all red and blue, there are shades of purple. (Hai Sticky)
    Those are nice categories, but I think it would be a lot harder to illustrate those in a picture. Not to mention that statistics are probably not available either, that’s why this is oversimplified.


    Wow. A political science discussion on MCS.

    This will look good squeezed between Casemods photo-trolling and pictures anime twat pictures.

    Wassap D? Are you full Vegan now or do you still occasionally consume flesh of the beast?


    I feel flattered now, which is probably bad. I’m good mister C to the K. Yah I’m vegan, why did you have to bring that up. Everyone will hate me now. But when you say flesh of the beast, are you referring to naughty things. I attended a catholic all girls school, you know. Ahahah.


    Red or blue, left or right…they’re all wrong ~


    This is quite interesting, however, I do feel towards the middle, but slightly right.


    The neat little 2 dimensional boxes are a poor reflection of societies views, but if you must do it, do it right. Since when was the left about government interferences in people’s social lives? The left is for gay rights, while the right wants to wiretape your phones. Doesn’t make sense.

    Oh and the colors are reversed.


    Say… I was referring to animal meat, but if went to a Catholic school… I humbly submit to your repressed desires.

    You know something, if you own a latex nun costume – this could be love. Seriously. I would beg.

    BTW… as an informed Vegan-chick, you can answer a question for me. I have to know what Vegans put BBQ sauce on. That is the only thing I don’t understand. Living off of the veg is fine and all, however I cannot imagine a life without BBQ sauce. Preferably on some pork ribs.


    @noodles Your little accusation there, “The left is for gay rights, while the right wants to wiretape your phones.” is far more 2 dimensional than this post. And biased. I have a good friend, he’s a republican and supports gay rights, welcome to the purple world. About the colours, next time maybe read the entire text in a post, it really isn’t that much. @ack Haha, how kind of you. I do wish I owned a latex nun costume. However I own a chequered 80s dress that’s made of latex! It belonged to my mother, oddly enough. I have never… Read more »


    dieAntagonista I think you’re missing my point. I’m saying, if this graphic insists on painting our societal political views into 2 boxes, they should be consistent about it. In general, the conservative right wing is against gay rights. Obviously there are logcabin conservatives, homophobic democrats, etc etc. I’m just pointing out that if they’re going for the stereotypical stance of the right and the left, which is what this graphic appears to be trying to do, than they’re being inconsistent. I don’t fall into either category in the least, and I definitely feel that both major parties are out of… Read more »


    Also, why use an outline of the US capitol building, but then use the color scheme that isn’t recognized in American politics?


    noodles, They used statistics for the picture, what more is there to be said? You can look up political views anywhere, in any book – they won’t all be the exact same. Again who said they were going for the stereotypical stance, they used statistics for the data, and general sources for the views themselves. Being against gay rights is not an actual part of the republican view. It’s just an awful trend that is still acceptable for some reason. Because the US capitol building isn’t the only building that looks like that, there are many similar ones and this… Read more »


    Yeah, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by calling yourself a liberal, or conservative. Words like those only serve to make it easy for people to lump anybody who they disagree with into one big group.

    They did use stats, that doesn’t mean a whole lot: www.amazon.com/How-Lie-Statistics-Darrell-Huff/dp/0393310728/ (a must read)

    In 2004, the Republican Party publicly supported the Federal Marriage Amendment, stating that marriage is between a man and a woman on a national level. Not only does this go against the Republican value of limited federal intervention on states’ rights, but is very much against gay rights as well.


    Haha well maybe. It’s true about the, people using terms like liberal to make false assumptions about you but it also depends on who you’re talking to. If you know someone has a clue and can be objective, saying you’re a liberal can save you time going over every political detail until you can actually discuss things. I have heard a lot about that book, How to Lie with Statistics. However what I would recommend is the Fallacies and Argument Appraisal from Cambridge. It has a section about how to deal with statistics, when they are incorrect and how people… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “If by a Liberal, they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind… Someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions… Someone who cares about the welfare of the people—their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, their civil liberties…Someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and the suspicion that grips us… If that is what they mean by a Liberal… Then I am proud to say I am a Liberal.”


    No. I meant “Liberal” as in “ass pirate”.


    Thanks Antagonista, I’ll check that book out too. Also, that InformationIsBeautiful website is awesome!