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Ok so I need to get this phone online, because they don’t sell it in stores.

It’s a fairly nice music phone, and NOW comes with a free 2 gig micro SD card and USB cord.

The phone has bluetooth, 3.5mm audio female (headphones) MMS (picture messaging) music player, dedicated music keys on front while closed, 1.3mp camera, voice recorder.

It’s $60, and comes with 2 months activation. 300 minutes/600 text messages – roaming, long distance – same price.

That’s $15 a month. I barely use my phone as it is. I would go with verizon pre-paid @ $10 a month but they don’t let you keep your number…OR use smartphones…and I have 3 of them I could use but can’t…

My question is: How can I buy this phone online?

I have bought a $25 visa gift card and it did not work for ANYTHING online. I tried buying a stylus for my treo for $5 and it didn’t work.

Also, post how little you pay. In this post, the more you pay, the more you lose! It’s all about saving money.

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    I don’t have to pay anything because I don’t own any phones at all and I never will.
    Instant win, yes?


    I don’t live at home and I have two jobs. I’m a waitress and my work times have been the same for almost 4 years and as a bookkeeper all I need is my laptop to work. The cafe I work at is not far away, so if they don’t need me I just ride my bike back home. Once I decide to buy something I go to the store and check, if they don’t have it I just ride my bike back home. If the world is ending I just ride my bike back home. No seriously, the reason… Read more »


    Actually the people asking for your phone number when they are interested in you is a very funny thing that I enjoy greatly. So when I reply “I don’t have a phone” they never believe me. They think it’s a lie and usually get angry and leave. I never explain it, why should I, if they don’t think of asking me for my email address or something else then they’re pretty unimaginative which means they’re potentially boring anyway. Ok let me put it this way, unless you need a phone for work, the negative aspects of owing a phone are… Read more »

    Kik Dogg

    I am going to lose this post, because I paid more, not less. But here goes. I really don’t need a phone anymore. I carried one for emergencies when I was commuting to work thirty miles each way. Now my work is ten minutes away and there is no place along the way that is too far to walk if the car broke down, so I really don’t have much need for a phone. I DO carry my ipod everywhere (I have an itrip to use in the car) and i plug the ipod into my zoned whole-house sound system… Read more »


    I do keep it separated, in the sense that, if I apply for a job they wouldn’t be able to look up my full name on the Internet and find my posts about tripping on Mexican mushrooms and worshipping David Lynch. Yeah it may be ridiculous but I’m doing fine so far. The only time I got into trouble because I had no phone was because I was on a really old train. By the time I almost arrived I was the only one left in the section of the train I was sitting, so I get up, the train… Read more »

    Kik Dogg

    I have a keyboard. It is just virtual, not hard. The software actually “learns” the way that you use it and I noticed that it got better the more I used it. After about a week I hardly ever typed mistakes and I actually like this better than a “real” keyboard. Like all things Apple, it is very intuitive.


    Serious discussion is not so serious… but unnecessarily long.
    Oh, and: Ha! DieA’s a waitress!


    Yeah a waitress and a bookkeeper, what’s so fucking funny about that.
    I’m also studying to become a lawyer the job thing is just something I do in my free time so that I’m more disciplined.


    What matters is your perspective. I’m a spoiled only child and I can get as much money as I want from my father but I changed my mind about it a while ago. When I talked to my American friend for the first time he told me how he had to work because otherwise he can’t afford to pay for his school and I was really impressed by that. People here don’t have to work if they go to school even if they’re not very rich. It’s different in America and I wanted to see if I could do it.… Read more »


    I wish I had adventures like yours, die.


    waiting tables is a great way to make money while you are going to school if i were on dieA’s continent i would totally ride my bike to her restaurant and ask her for her phone number. and then she’d tell me she didnt have one, and i would believe her, and she would be all excited because i believed her. and then we’d ride bikes all over the place. and the sun would exploeded because it was totally jealous of me. and then the whole world died because it froze and shit. also, i got my iphone like a… Read more »


    this is the main reason why i use the iPhone:


    it also shows the full qwerty keyboard


    I am glad to have exceeded your expectations, and am glad I could repay the favor. I have to admit that every post of yours I see is surpasses the high standard of Internet faggotry you’ve set for mankind. though I have the highest of expectations for your. legendary faggotry, the depths of your cancer never fail to amaze and astound. I await your next post with baited breath; like a praying mantis that lures its lover into a loved drenched death-coma.

    except in your case it’s a gay praying mantis. and it’s gigantic.


    So what if I practice with women.


    howabout…. get a fucking iphone?


    At the very minimum get a boost phone. But damn, shell out the $70 a month for the new unlimited/Android market plan from T-Mobile. These phones are fucking amazing.

    We’re so living in the future. 10 years ago computers and mobile phones were giant, and the power of these new phones are exponentially more awesome, and very adaptable.

    Avoid the Droid/iPhone. $100/month for a service plan is old news.


    I like my LG Dare. Turn it, BAM, FULL (virtual) KEYBOARD. I wish the keys were a bit more precise though. Next time I’ll get a slide-out or flip-out keyboard.


    DMYTRIW, my service plan is $30/month, not $100


    My reason for not using a cell phone is simply that, the act of holding a microwave transmitter next to my brain just seems inadvisable.


    Hell yes. I’m going to quote you on that one, jedi.


    I have the Droid with a 3-line plan for under $100 a month. It’s a really basic plan with internet. Why pay extra for texts when you have unlimited internet?


    I’m actually writing a musical about this phenomenon. So far, I hadn’t thought to included someone who simply had no need for a phone. If you’d like, email/myspace me and I’ll name the brand new character after you.


    Whoa whoa. Who are you referring to blue eyed one? Me?! Oh god. I hope it’s me. If it is me, how do I email/myspace you? Or I guess you could add me but I need to login. I haven’t done that in a while though. Just tell me if it’s me and then boombabambam.


    how the hell are all of the comments rated +41???




    try it without 5 free accessory kits .
    free items usually have a limit of 1 per customer
    not give me all of them so nobody else has a chance of getting one…
    you greedy tard