TrikYodzHalloween Shinannigans

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1 is my good friend trying to be David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust (sans messed up eye, and the lightning bolt wiped off)
2 is A.W.S.O.M.-O. i saw later that night.
3 Some dude who was Number 21 from one of my favorite shows venture Bros.
4. is the bar i was in that night with all these characters, but what i want to go for in this at least 6’6 dude being Beeker. (You can see him in the center of the pic) It was such a well made home made costume, and I found it my favorite of the night. I couldnt get a good one of him, obv the bar was such a cluster fuck. But it was such a good vibe and so many people were having a good time. if you see others in the pic, go right ahead and point them out.
5. not claiming best costume ever by any means or anything, but i was DAT ASS for halloween. :-/ i coulda done better but i still stick by my choice.

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    Looking good, Trik. The Bowie guy rules also.


    I thought about Awesome-o this year.

    I was a Lego dude instead. It sucked ass. I don’t even think I have a picture.

    Just This Guy, You Know?

    Dude! You coulda been Doug! Forget it; I’m outta hee…eee..eere.

    Maxwell Edison

    The lightning bolt is Aladdin Sane anyway, not Ziggy Stardust.


    that first one is Limahl, right? from Kajagoogoo? sang “the neverending story”?
    best Limahl costume ever. plus big points for obscurity!

    Billy Manic

    Bowie looks more like Rod Stewart.