Dreth’s “Shinigami” Costume

S7300733.JPG (575 KB)

S7300726.JPG (499 KB)

S7300729.JPG (437 KB)

Yes, a Squad Captain from Bleach. I’m not THAT into the series, but the costume was fuckin’ cool.

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    I want to say that that’s your best costume yet but it doesn’t look like it took a lot of effort. The Undertaker is more impressive because you put the things together yourself or so it seems. It suits you well though, you should wear dresses more often.


    Very cool costume Dreth, very nice.


    Dreth is a cutie.
    Plus he takes the time to go all out for Halloween.


    Fit the part well… SHWAAAAAAA


    If you had spike hair with bells on, it would be the most awesome thing ever. Oh and an eye patch. Long live Zaraki Kenpachi


    I’ll admit I don’t know who you’re supposed to be, but you look positively badass in that first picture.


    WTF is Chilindrina doing here?? I didn’t know they did cosplay of Mexican sitcom characters…??

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