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only if you are a gay nazi fa­ggot


And from Illinois on top of it


heheh toof, good one.


Faggots are target practise
what fucking douche is posting this liberal shit on MCS
its actually worse than all the marijuana pictures combined

Jesus Christ

Trolls (with typos) are target practice
what fucking douche is posting this bullshit on MCS
its actually worse than all the conservative pictures combined

tiki god

I fucking hate you.

Thinking of deleting you.


i sincerely hope that you are planning to delete kommissars subhuman existence and not just his profile.
I hope that asshat chokes to death on casemods’ genitalia (in a closet of course).


Ya know, gay guys rock. They’re nice, polite, they sexually frustrate women by not sleeping with them which in turn helps me to maybe get laid and best of all they’re not competition. Plus, sometimes the compliment me. It’s the lesbians that are the problem. Oh sure, when you’re young lesbians are cool but when you get older you realize the sad truth. Do you know what lesbians really are? Just more women you’ll never get to sleep with. Even worse though? They’re competition that looks prettier and smells better… and they get to take the fun bits home and… Read more »


“should you have to hide the real you to be accepted – gay”

-Only if you’re trying to fit in with 15 year olds that listen to Insane Clown Posse.

For the rest of the adult world – assuming they actually blossomed into adults – no.

Look at the people who hate on gays:

High school kids under peer pressure to impress everyone
Low lives

I disagree with anything the above three believes in.


How do we know they’re gay? Maybe that’s just a really ugly, flat chested, chick.


dtepes: You made a lot of agreeable statements in your post. Working at a movie theater, I noticed this ugly fat-ish dyke with a fitted hat, lame wanna be gangster attire, etc, you know the deal – The girl she was with – cute as hell, sweet looking, nice face, body, makeup was almost perfect, nice hair, you name it. And yes, I do agree that guys are expected to perform “miracles” in the bedroom the first time something happens. But that is only with the manipulatable sluts that just wait for guys to talk to them and will basically… Read more »


@ tiki: why are you mad?

If it’s because of hearing “faggot” all the time, I agree.

Let’s ban that word and variations of it.

Think about the people who gay bash:

15 year old high schoolers – and their adult maturity level counter parts
Wiggers like those on “anotomy of a hate crime”
Gangster girls/cholas – who ironically and hypocritically are usually 90% bisexual themselves.

If you’re talking about the liberal stuff or weed stuff, meh – can’t relate – don’t care about politics


@Jesus Christ – “Practise” is the British spelling and no mistake ):

Hey Kommissar, why don’t you go back to the other post and answer my question.

Also thank god casemods is putting everyone in groups, I was afraid I had to go out and judge people on my own.

Jesus Christ

@die – He’s a mistake because he’s British.

Jesus Christ

@Kommissar, How are your dental visits going?


Good God.Some of these posts are a bit hard to digest.


Haha no no, he’s not British, he’s in America. I don’t know why he does that.

Arguing with Kommissar is completely useless. He replies once or twice, calls you a dirty liberal twice or thrice and then he leaves.

Just like my mother.

fracked again

dtepes, sorry you are frustrated with lesbians, I love my lesbian friends. I know I won’t be fucking them, but I won’t be fucking most of the women I know. Extremely cool people. Call me a dutch boy if you like, but I don’t hang around my dyke friends just because I think I might get to stick a finger in one.

dA, Kommie is a silly little coward, just like his dead furry, I mean fuhrer.


This is an awesome picture (as is the previous one) and its a pity that such posters like this actually have to be made to educate. People are people and why is it an issue who f*cks who? @deleted_user: women who may expect that you can either a) communicate with them about what they might like in bed or b) that you have a clue about what they might like in bed aren’t whores or manipulative. Society spends enough time telling everyone that sex is magic and everyone gets it right first time… don’t buy into that crap and start… Read more »






If lesbians don’t hate your guts, because you’re making them feel insecure, you’re doing something wrong.




Between being a male and not judging what women choose to do with Their lives as long as They obey law, and that I have seen some lesbians with a more masculine personality achieve some good things, i have no issues with them Homosexuals males, especially the ones who act openly feminine are a disgrace to the species I have had to deal with some fairly heinous things that have been caused by their kind, whether it be having loud parties playing gay boy band music, or social workers taking advantage of mentally disabled charges, or even the transvestite prostitutes… Read more »


I am astounded at the degree of typecasting presented in these comments. You can’t categorise people so easily. People can – and almost always do – fit into several conflicting stereotypes. When are people going to wake up and realise that each person should be judged by their own merits and ONLY their own merits. You might be surprised who you come to like. I’ve had a girl have loud parties. All girls are evil. My best friend’s daughter likes gay boy band music. All 7 year old’s are evil. Child abuse is much more commonly heterosexual than homosexual in… Read more »