Death of A Dream

Death of A Dream

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    Watchmen, woot!




    For once I gotta agree with you.


    Giant exploding squid Ftw!!

    fracked again

    This is what the movie should have ended with.


    Yea, as if the movie needed MORE blood.

    Billy Manic

    0 minutes to midnight.

    Maxwell Edison

    I thought the movie was pretty decent. I didn’t really like the giant extradimensional squid in the book. It lacked reality, which is a weird thing to say about a comic book, but it was the part I didn’t really buy. But yeah, as to the blood in the film, I didn’t much like the blood-burst effect in the movie. It was in a couple of other films that came out around the same time. It’s this year’s Matrix-bullet-time.


    It works either way, the purpose of the plan is the same


    I didn’t mind the blood, and I by far preferred the hyperdimensional squid-less ending.
    Should have has moar Bubastis.


    sorry marvel and dc.. ima let you finish.. but watchmen is the best graphic novel of all time.. all time!

    tiki god

    Avias, Watchmen is a DC book.

    sorry 🙁


    The squid ending was more out there, and therefore more interesting.
    The movie ending made more sense, and gave a better reason for Dr. Manhattan to abandon Earth.

    I couldn’t agree more about the CGI blood. Blame Zack Snyder.

    SQUIDS DID 9/11

    Dj. DreamStar

    if I had a choice I pick the the squid ending but the other one was not has bad has some people made it out 2 be
    like other people here said it made a bit more sense
    but damm giant squid would have been EPIC

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