now you’re thinking with portals

now you're thinking with portals

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    we do what we must because we can



    To hell with the pixels, where are the shadows? Is that the shadow of C’thulu that I see there?


    Good thing you pointed that out I might have believed it was real otherwise.


    The single shadow is the shadow for both of them the sun is behind them . . . but then where is the shadow for the floating wall?


    well, if we assume there is a light source shining through the portal, then we don’t need a shadow for the wall.


    Then how do you explain there being light everywhere else? If that were the case we’d see light expanding from the portal, likely in a cone shape with its apex behind the wall (not actually showing light behind it, but if you drew the lines, that’s where it would end up). For the shadow to show up the way it does, the light source would need to be above the wall and portal, but if this were to happen at night, the shadow would more likely be elongated from where it is. No matter how you look at it, the… Read more »


    But they don’t have metal-leg-support-things! How will they get to cake?!

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