mcdonalds mens and womens

mcdonalds mens and womens

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    I’m so tired of the McDonalds is so horrible, OMG it will make you FAT! Well, I eat McDonalds hella lot and I’m 5’9 150lbs. It’s called exercise folks. That’s right it’s all about burning off more calories than you consume.


    It’s not just about exercise although it plays a large part. All about eating nutritional food and having a balanced diet. Mcdonalds food is garbage full of bad fats, horrible meat, everything is fried in oil and chicken heads in your nuggets. All of which leads to heart disease or diabetes. The only fast food worth eating is In N Out Burger and eating at Taco Bell on rare drunk occasions. Eating at Mcdonalds does not support a healthy diet.


    Haha I doubt that anyone cares for burning those extra 2000 calories off every day, that were completely useless in the first place. Food is supposed to be fuel for your body, great amounts of white sugar, oil, and flour are not the fuel your body needs. You’re basically wasting your time burning off dead calories when you could be doing something useful, like chasing pavements or counting red cars.


    @th3rmite Even if you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t get hella fat by eating at McD’s (or most of the other fast food restaurants)several times a week, it’s still not a good idea. As Puul pointed out, you may very well regret it later in life. I don’t know how old you are but once you hit your mid 40’s, your body may decide to completely fall apart on you and even the skinniest people start packing on the weight. This is especially true for women, but a lot of men end up w/ blocked arteries, fatty livers,… Read more »




    @die: Counting red cars ftw.