Hockey Wives

Sharlene SydorWilla FordAnne-Marie Morrow.jpg (46 KB)

Sharlene Sydor, Willa Ford, and Anne-Marie Morrow

Wives of Daryl Sydor, Mike Modano, and Brenden Morrow.

Anne-Marie is also the daughter of THE Guy Carbonneau.

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    They’ve got all of their teeth…


    God bless Canadian sports.


    Gold diggers.


    Seriously though, this is just the type of shit you can expect when you make lots of money.

    Those guys are fugly and we all know it, and those bitches know it.

    I don’t know why you are even posting these whores without verbally defaming their integrity.

    I bet they work in an office or something and don’t make nearly as much money as their husbands.

    Prove me wrong, eh?

    Prove these whores aren’t worthless gold diggers.


    God bless Canadian women and hockey.

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