megan fox is a nun

megan fox is a nun

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    thank you lord! 😀


    Who cares?


    I love you, Nyokki.
    this bitch is ugly as hell, and i dont see how anyone can think she’s hot.
    women should be natural, not plastic, photoshop and makeup.

    also if she aint got glasses, she aint got class.


    what? you’ve been to long in your cave. women hardly come more atractive than megan fox and that is a fact. sure, most of her pictures from magazines (just like pictures of other people) are shopped but still even without makeup she must be a fine looking girl. anyone who says different is a fag or a jealous pimpled ugly bitch.

    Also if she aint got glasses means that she doesn’t spend 15 hours per day in front of computer screen.


    that’s the most makeup I’ve ever seen a nun wear.

    Megan Fox=overrated barbie doll.


    First: Fuck you.
    Second: Keep drinking the kool-aid
    Third: A lot of her ugliness comes that vacuous space between her ears and above her neck.