go to your room – then vs now

go to your room - then vs now

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    That’s why parents around here send their kids to the cellar when they’re angry with them. Yes I live in Austria, thank you.


    *hides in maya’s cellar and hopes she gets in trouble*


    They locked me up in the bathroom while the old washing machine was still working. I still remember banging manically on the door while the machine came closer and closer making that horrible noise…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    My dad never punished us as kids, that’s why I grew up to be such a jerk.


    It would be a tragic waste to not make the obvious Josef Fritzl joke in regards to your comment dieAntagonista.


    My comment was based on what Josef Fritzl and the not so well known Wolfgang Priklopil have done. The joke already happened, try to keep up Sarcastastic.

    We don’t actually call it “cellar” in Austria, we say love cave.


    I was unsure if it was explicit in your comment, or simply an invtation to the obvious.


    What’s a cellar?
    What? You guys have more the one level to your huts?


    Oh oh! A girl online! -stalks and makes comments about her comments and always end up soliciting physical affection or wanting to elope- And the reason this works today is because there’s more than one TV in each household for the most part, a few decades back there was one in the living room and that’s it. The most interesting part of the day was sitting through boring news with your parents because they obviously didn’t want to watch The Centurions or The Real Ghostbusters. Eventually you’d have too much fun and go outside to play. Now we have more… Read more »


    That’s why I’ll have the circuit breaker to their rooms labeled.


    That’s why I throw them in the garage with the car running.

    Nothing knocks a kid down a few pegs more than some good ole carbon monoxide.


    Lamb, the average Austrian’s cellar has more bathrooms than a typical Romanian one-family house so your joke just walked out of the room without even waving. In fact my grandparents in Romania still don’t have a proper bathroom at all.


    Wait, physical affection? I thought you liked me because I’m so clever and funny. You actually end up ridiculing me for the most part so maybe you should reread the instructions. Read the instructions and instructively you will be instructed with the right instructions.


    @DieA., what a funny and clever women in this day and age?
    The only thing you are usefull is to clean, cook(which reminds me,
    GET THE FUCK TO THE KITCHEN.), sucking my cook, washing
    my dirty underware……


    You have your own cook and you want me to suck him for you? What, like the whole body.


    That had nothing to do with my joke. You failed at insulting my joke making. Go back to you multi-level home!


    Your mom is a multi level home.


    How dare you call my mother a cow?



    I was actually NOT talking about me.


    Hehe oops.


    Me then?
    I should finish if so: hold my hand and let’s run away!


    Kids today having a lot of stuff is only a problem if the parent can’t think outside the box – how much fun is the kid going to have when you kill the circuit breaker to his room? 😉


    I didn’t have anything in my room as a kid.

    I didn’t even have a TV until I was at least 18 or something


    My parents never really punished. They did have a way of letting u know how “disappointed” they were though. I’d shrink from that “look”. I’m not sure I could even describe it.


    I hear if you hold their heads undewater for a couple of days they calm down.