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4×4 King has been dethroned.
Extra internets for those who can name what this beast was. double extra for naming the random pieces of shit the local teenagers left in there over time.

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    Ford Bronco


    actually it’s a late 70’s-early 80’s Chevy K5 Blazer or GMC Jimmy.


    Chevrolet Blazer, 1976. Note the swage lines on the rear fenders adn the location and style of the gas cap.

    other bits (in no particular order):
    Air filter
    Green plastic bottle
    Iced Tea carton
    Exhaust pieces
    Washer fluid container
    Hood braket and springs
    Speedo cable
    Orange oil rag


    Oldest the truck in question could be is 1981. In 79 and prior, the GMC Jimmy/Chevy Blazer had single round headlights. in 1980, they had square Single headlights, and in 1981 they had double square.


    I don’t understand what’s ironic about these pics


    It is an early 80’s sitting on 3/4 ton axles I believe. Also on the 10’s models the removable cap actually went up to the windshield.


    Air filter, Sharon
    Green plastic bottle, Doug
    Iced Tea carton, Blake
    Exhaust pieces, Elisha
    Washer fluid container, Chester
    Hood braket and springs, Elma & Louise
    Speedo cable, Sarah
    Orange oil rag, Fred

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