how the US will split

how the US will split

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    i was gonna say repost, but they changed some stuff

    Teutonic Logic

    well folks if a russian professor (who knows what discipline) says its so, then it must be true. All the new areas seem totally implausible, but my favorite is the Eastern seaboard joining the EU.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    As I’ve said before, I genuinely think everyone would be better off if the US split into 4 to 9 separate countries. Lincoln was right about slavery, but was totally wrong about “preserving the union”.


    It’s not likely going to happen exactly like this, but it’s likely to happen. As economic constraints continue to put more stress on States, seceding will become the lesser of two evils for a lot of regions. The economic collapse of last fall was just a preview.

    And, the prof is Igor Panarin, look him up, he’s not totally full of shit.


    I’ve got to laugh at the notion of Mexico taking control of part of the US. Even in our current economic crisis, we’re more stable than Mexico. :p However, I don’t think either’s going to happen.
    If the US does split up someday ( Which may be for the best, honestly. We’re too big and the regions are too culturally diverse from each other to try to apply 1 rule to the whole thing ), I highly doubt they parts will “go to” anyone. It’ll become 4 or so independent unions, I believe.


    yeah i agree tyger, im callin bs on this whole thing.
    and nate, what did they change?


    This guy is an expert on the America because he can see Alaska from his window.


    Trik, you honestly don’t see it?


    Most states get more money from the federal gov’t then tey can possibly produce on their own. Texas gets ~$6 fed money for each ~$1 it gives the fed in taxes. I don’t see secession as a viable option for them.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    nyokii, while you are generally right, you’re specifics are off.
    The worst is New Mexico which get $2.03 for every $1 they put in. Texas is actually a net contributor that gets back $0.94 for every $1 they pay.
    Unless you have some more recent data.


    Thank you for straightening that up. If anything Texas will be the core of that southern republic, and we’ll still be dealing with illegal Mexican immigrants. Dey tuk hour jubs!!!


    Thing is, the bureaucracy of being a part of such a large national government significantly increases the “operating costs” of the state.


    Canada says: Do not want.


    This is true because legally, states cannot print their own money. However, as sovereign nations, they will develop their own currency.

    Dan VK

    Professor Panarin is a political alarmist who believes fascism (obviously he doesn’t use that term) is a great form of government if it’s for a peoples’ own protection. His suggestions for “fixing” the Russia Federation, specifically in regard to privacy and property rights, make me cringe. More on topic, he made this prediction, among others, more than a decade ago. His predictions were all shit-canned then and no one cared until one of his predictions hit a little too close to home. If a person continually posits situations that are possible, albeit implausable, that person will be eventually be right.… Read more »


    Yay, no more Texas! I just hope everyone in Austin moves somewhere sane before they are forced to become ex-pats.

    And we Massholes have a thing against being ruled by Europeans. We got so sick of it once that we started a war where normal civilians got the fastest basic training ever and went on to defeat arguably the greatest military in the world.


    As an Austinite, thank you for remembering us 🙂


    If I stay in Texas, I’d like to end up in Austin. Dallas is the only other place I think I could stand. Maybe San Antonio. Definitely NOT Houston.


    Kind of retarded.


    im too lazy to look for the original, and from what i remember, it looks the same-ish


    I found the original, I can’t see any major difference. And I find it difficult to believe Texas and New Mexico would be involved with each other if given half the chance.


    christ, not this crap again….


    Minor edit:
    Alaska: Will go back to Russia.