two headed lizard

two headed lizard

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    Does one of them shit through its mouth?


    i suppose they take turns.


    Ouroboros 2, the lizard that makes out with itself.


    It’s a Bobtail. The end on the right is the tail.


    It’s a shingleback lizard, aka a blue-tongue, native to almost all of Australia.

    Their tails are about the same size as their heads. I’m guessing it’s so predators don’t know which direction they’re facing.

    They’re really placid and cute. Here’s another pic:


    So it shits out of his right face.


    Yawn. Fuckers. I woke up at 6 am to play Borderlands and it aint working yet.

    Anyway. Hey guys. This is not a bluetongue. Bluetongues have a more yellow scale, long tails and are much bigger. This is a stub tail.

    Even though it is docile. I highly advise against picking them up. They have no teeth but thier bites are very painful. My grandpa had his indext finger fractured.

    Seeyas round.


    his left, our right


    Definitely not a bluetongue, but a shingle back or stumpy tailed lizard.

    Mouth full of ick, so that bites can become incredibly infected, but I’ve never been bitten by one and I’ve handled a lot of them. They’re usually quite placid, and if annoyed, just don’t pick them up. THey’re not going to chase you or anything

    Professor Ratbaggy

    Yes, definitely a stumpy-tail lizard.