The Dodge Ram BFT: a big f*cking truck

bft.jpg (154 KB)

. . . and ready to eat your loved ones.


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    Trucks are fail


    you’re going to sit there, IN texas, and say this?


    Read the wife killer’s comments below and you’ll understand what I mean.

    I live in Dallas. Its a city. Maybe 20-30% of the people actually in the Dallas area need trucks. I imagine the actual ownership is higher than that.

    That said, don’t tell my cousins, they’ll disown me and possibly lynch me.


    As a whole, if used properly, trucks aren’t fail but the way MOST people use them is a HUGE FAIL.

    A truck that is being used as a daily driver and for “thinking I’m cool because I drive a truck with over-sized tires” is an incredible waste of fuel; an over-kill. Trucks are notoriously inefficient and if a truck isn’t being used to haul or tow heavy items and make money then the person driving it is FAIL.


    If that’s a daily driver I hope he hits a telephone pole. Then again, I really can’t think of a good reason to own such a model. So I pray whoever owns this dies a fiery death.


    I think there’s a pic of exactly that floating around this site somewhere.


    Trucks, and any SUV with 4 wheel drive that is not all wheel drive are geared for torque and should not be used to just get you around, ever.

    Only stupid mexicants lower trucks because they don’t know shit about cars.

    And this isn’t a huge truck.

    Ford f-750 puts this to shame.

    They actually use those trucks and turn them into big rig tow trucks, only leaving the front cab and what not.


    actually my F150 has been an awesome truck with little to no problems, decent mpg, and can really take a hit and keep on…well…truckin 😀


    I’m glad you like your truck, I truly am, but if you use it as a daily driver you are wasting resources and money. No matter how “good” of fuel milage you get your truck will never get have the fuel economy as the lowest milage car, minivan, or even small SUV.


    I too love having a truck. And yes, it is my daily driver. I just have to say, I would rather spend more money to drive a truck than to roll around town in a fucking Prius or something. Not to mention it’s a lot nicer to drive around during a snowy winter than a compact car.


    I would love to drive a series 3 prius.

    Free air conditioning and they look sexy as hell now.

    I’ll probably be getting one when I start working because I will have to commute everyday.

    No snowy winter here in California. EVER.


    Or you could save even MORE money and go wayyy greener by riding your little girl bike to work.


    I agree with you, PmWi, to a degree. Yes, extremely snowy weather is a good reason to drive a 4×4 truck. If you have a 2×4 then you are better off driving a vehicle with just front wheel drive. However, I live in rural Wisconsin, have never had a vehicle with 4×4 (or any truck) and have NEVER put a vehicle in the ditch because of snowy roads yet alone for any reason in my 19+ years of driving. I have only driven rear and front wheel drive cars (and mini-vans)and can’t tell you how many 4×4 trucks I have… Read more »


    im aware of fuel economics but it really helps to drive a truck where i live where 1 outta every 5 roads is very rocky or poorly constructed i like having the space available if i need it to move large items (tvs, furniture, equipment) as well as my towing capabilities (like when i haul my father’s boat or smoke pit) ive gotten into wrecks where other cars (like your smart, green, pussy fart car) get fucked in the ear and i barely had a dent people ask me “whats your dream car?” and to be honest I don’t have… Read more »


    But you have a legitimate reason to be driving a truck (crap roads and you often haul). You are different as you aren’t driving a truck to just drive a truck…you ACTUALLY use the truck’s capabilities.


    Makes me wanna fuck my sister. Good thing I don’t have one. Stupid redneckmobile.


    “Makes me wanna fuck my sister”

    That’s a great post.

    But it’s not even close to a redneckmobile, so you fail.

    I’ll be using that line in a future post, only I’ll get a critical post award because I used it in the right context.


    That’s fine as long as I get a footnote. 😛


    It is clear the the truck haters drive crappy small little cars.

    Small cars kill people. NHTSA says so. Less mass = less safety.

    Crash Test ratings are total BS. They compare vs things of the same weight. Pruis vs pruis, F-150 vs F150 and only @ 35 MPH.

    As a Paramedic; I can tell you. Never in HISTORY (assuming proper seat belt use) has someone who has been in a 3 star pick up been flown from a car wreck, and the person in the 5 star (small car) walked away.


    Ah Munna EET Choo!!




    TRUCKS RULE!!!! it was a bad day when i totalled my tacoma, it was a worse day when i bought my mustang(V-6 convertable). sure it was fun to drive at first but it got old fast. now when i bought my 4-door F-250 about a month ago, it was a most glorious day. i love my truck with it’s big ass 5.4 liter Triton V-8. so all you “green” pussys can have your hybrids(more gas for me). just try not to complain too much when a 20-30 mph crash totals your prius and/or seriously injures you while the guy in… Read more »


    also i would never EVER sacrifice my family’s safety to save a little gas. my truck is safer than almost any other passenger vehicle on the road today. i can garuntee my survival with an impact with anything smaller than me, bigger vehicles i still got a decent shot a living(much much much better than small ass “efficent” vehicles)


    I love my truck. I bought it in ’95 and just went over 200,000 miles on it. I like having the height of a truck, especially on the highway. It gets 22-24 mph, which isn’t great, but not horrible either. It’s a 5 speed manual, w/ 4×4 locking hubs (did that w/in the 1st 3 years). I use it as an everyday vehicle, gets me off the mountain in snow (I don’t go out in ice), tows the bike when needed (sadly too often), bring puppy up to Sleepy Creek (not sure you can get all the way up in… Read more »


    err that would 22-24 mpg, not mph.


    Yeah, I was wondering about that… If the best you could do was 24Mph, I’d be wondering if you were talking about an actual truck or just a souped up Tonka…


    so bad ass, it already needs a boost, FAIL!