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    is mad


    is a has been


    is Skeletor


    needs to die in a plane crash.


    Really? Is she a horrible person or something?


    Nah he was talking about me. He meant she needs to do me on a plane if it were to crash so that I don’t have to leave this world without having had sex with a woman.


    Ok, speaking as possibly the oldest person here, I gotta give her props. She’s at least fighting the fight against just becoming another fat ass old rocker.

    At some point we all become old carcasses. But damn if she doesn’t actually try to make herself fit instead of going the Liz Taylor route.

    It kills me to see people get old and decrepit. Especially chicks. And don’t tell me that — no matter what her musical methods — you wouldn’t give your left nut to blow your right over her tatas in the 80’s. Her chichis back then were fucking divine.

    And dammit, don’t speak to me of god or any assertion of life as just and fair if every person is doomed to become just some crotchety sack of skin.



    shes jewish, god had nothing to do with her coming into this world so gos has no place in her leaving this world

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